Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Palmer Chiropractic Dinner

Last night, I went to bed at 5:40 am and got up at 12:12 pm. I went to bed so late because I read my scriptures, signed in for a BJJ tournament because the price will go up after today, registered for spring and summer, and read Eddie Fantastic. I'm excited because I'm going to do a BJJ tournament in two weeks!!! I haven't gone to a tournament since summer. I should do well because I'm getting better all the time and am bigger than most of the girls.

Well, I did well when rolling in the BJJ club. I've realized that I don't come to the club to learn moves. I just come just to roll. I love Paul Tom because many of the moves that he has shown me works. I did pretty well when rolling with Aaron. I passed his guard twice and got onto mount. I held mount for a good amount of time with him because I knew he'd throw me off if I wasn't careful. I rolled with this skinny guy that I haven't rolled with in a long time. He has improved greatly probably because he's smaller and skinner than most guys. Colin got me into some crazy positions. He's still doing things that I have never seen before.

I'm still really aggressive with the guys though. I was a little snappish with Aaron when he said that I should have gotten on my knees when Colin was trying to armbar me. He wrist locked me instead. Normally, I'm not like that. I asked Colin how I should improve. He said that I should do things unconventional or don't telegraph my moves. I know that's not practical advice because I'm just learning how to pull off basic attacks. He he told me those things, I became upset for a few seconds. He said that I've improved greatly though which is good. I get so wrapped up with grappling. Today was good though because I got a good workout. I'd much rather get a good workout than just learn moves. I did try a move that I learned on Thursday. It didn't work because my feet didn't get underneath Aaron's armpits.

After that, I went to a Palmer College chiropractic dinner that was from 6:00 to 10:00. I got home at 10:40 and talked to Katrina. It was intresting and good. Now, I'm really interested in Palmer at Davenport, Iowa. It sounds like that it's a good balanced college. It teaches the science, the art, and the philosophy. It also teaches businesses development classes too. They say that they are the Harvard of the chiropractic colleges. The graduates that default on loans are less than one percent. The guest faculty member said that the research for chiropractic is still in it's infancy. My classmate from O-chem, who was there, wanted to see more research on chiropractic. He was concerned on how much chiropractic was placebo effect. I know that chiropractic is may more than a placebo because Dr. Cough was the only one that helped me with my balance. The first year of Palmer is really tough because they take 30 credits a trimester. They also cram a five year program into 3 and a half years. However, one can take a reduced workload.

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Devin said...

Palmer is a good college to not only teach you about chiropractic care, but also about the business side of managing a practice. You'll find that as a doctor, you tend to fill in the gaps in terms of billing, scheduling appointments, and other general business decisions. Good luck choosing your school!