Saturday, March 20, 2010

Self-Destruct Button

I went to bed at 11:45 last night and got up at 8:50 this morning. I was very happy because I need to work on chapter 25 before class. I started working on it at 11. However, I got sleepy and decided to take a nap. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't sleep for an hour. I had a dream that I slept all the way to Saturday night. Then, I was freaking because I needed to O-chem plus go to the Saturday night session of stake conference. When I woke up, it was 1:56. My O-chem class starts at 2:00. My emotions were a wreck because I knew I'd be late and fail the quiz for chapter 25. I have a note taker for that class. However, I didn't care if I got the notes for this week or not because I never look at the notes anyways. By not going, I didn't not find out when and where Austin is holding the review tomorrow. Austin is my TA for 352 and was my TA for 351 last year. I was pretty much running away from my emotions because I was freaking out about O-chem. I slept until four and did my usual things on the computer until six. I watched all of the Command and Conquer 4 cutscenes. I thought that 3 was much better because I knew what was going on. In four, I'm still somewhat confused.

I realized that I needed to take my infectious disease test today or tomorrow. So, I left the house at 7:25. Then, I worked on the test until closing which is 10. I got an 80 percent. This test was harder than the last test. I just need to see the average for the class. Then, I went to the library to work on O-chem. Now, I need to go to bed. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the mixed martial arts class at Paul Tom's dojo tomorrow. I need toothpaste and a few other things from the store. I would like to visit with Paul Tom too. However, I don't know if he's going to be there because Joe teaches that class. Plus, I should go the adult session of conference tomorrow night. This is why I'm freaking out. I have so much to do tomorrow. After I took my test today, I just felt like dropping everything so I can work on O-chem because I need to do well on that test.

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