Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Figuring out my schedule

I can spend hours upon hours reading and researching on the internet. That's what I mostly do, read. That's why I don't read novels or books that much any more. I just read online. I still need to catch up with my blog and BJJ reading. So, I meant to write this way earlier. However, I just got distracted researching about R.A.D. (Rape, Aggression, Defense) and how good it is on the internet. I spent a lot of time today going to P.E. classes seeing what I could do so I can improve in BJJ. I went to Ballet, Aerobic Dance, and Self Defense. The more I think and research about it, the more I'm interested in receiving credit in the class. I want to learn self defense. Of course, I had all of this martial art training; however, I just want to learn how to defend myself effectively. If I take this, it will probably won't help that much with BJJ. I would write about today's class and how cheesy the second part was, but I ran out of time. I'll write more about this later.

I just need to ask Dad about this too because it will cost more money and time. If I do this, I need to be really on top of things because I can't let school to suffer. I'm taking to hard classes. I can't get distracted like this either. I just let myself do this today because I want to figure out my schedule for this fall. I really need to set a homework time too. I will do homework tomorrow because I didn't do any today. I didn't really waste any time which is good. I just need to plan my days out, so I can do things which I think are fun and enlightening.


ZenHG said...

Self-Defense boils down to Awareness and Attitude. Regardless what you study, regardless what you are told.
In most instances you can avoid having to get physically involved in a confrontation through awareness and attitude.

Being aware of your surroundings and aware of the people, you are aware of things before they become a problem and can take steps to avoid them.
By presenting yourself as a capable and confident person the majority of assailants will think twice about messing with you, they don't want a hard target, they want easy prey.

Should things come down to a physical confrontation, Attitude and Awareness also pay off here too.
You have Attitude first, you do what it takes, that means you do WHATEVER it takes, regardless of style or strategy or any of that.
Certainly your training may kick in, and that is good, but it is also bad.
You don't train for the street, you train in a Dojo, you don't train to use your surroundings, you train in a Dojo - do you train to use broken bottles or pool ques? Do you train to use street curbs or trash-can lids?
How about frenzy onslaughts? Do you train to use them? Do you train to defend against them? These include random kicking in all directions from the ground and random hitting/punching/slapping/scratching in all directions.

Most people have a natural knack for this sort of thing, so training is not a factor, in fact, training in a system like Karate or BJJ does a lot to actually hinder a person in this regard.
People are lead to believe they need training to defend themselves, but they forget that we are all human and all have an inborn instinct for survival.

True training is nothing more than a guide to rediscovering what is already there, it is not teaching you anything new.
Most certainly it is not teaching you ideals other than kill or be killed, hit or be hit... Here, there is no win or lose, you hit to survive, nothing more. If the other person is not down in the first move then you did something wrong.

Try to defend against a frenzy of kicks from the ground, try to defend against a frenzy of strikes... Certainly you won't be able to unless you let go of what you know and unlearn what you have learned... That goes for Karate and BJJ...

Lizzie said...

That's true that assailants will look for easy prey. Probably, not many will attack me because I'm pretty much as big as other guys. I just try to think of what I would do if I was actually attacked. I would definitely use my karate training. I think if I thought that my life was in danger, I don't think that I would mind being hit and hurt. I think that most would be just surprised that I hit them and I'd escape.

If this guy really wanted to hurt me, I'd fight him with everything I have. Luckily, I know to fight from the ground because it's very likely for me to fall. The only thing that I wouldn't really know how to protect myself is from knives and guns. I've only a few classes to defend from them. I don't remember any techniques I can use to disarm them.