Sunday, September 06, 2009

Stupid Pain

Ugg. I need to finish reading a chapter in chemistry and read two chapters in MMBio. I don't want to read MMBio because it sounds boring. UGG. I shouldn't have watched that Football game!!! I still need to do laundry. BYU won against Oklahoma. I gained a new appreciation for football players because they get tackled all the time. I bet it still hurts even with all the pads. During the game, Oklahoma's quarterback hurt his shoulder because someone tackled him pretty hard. I left a little after the third quarter started. It was getting really boring. So, when I got home from BJJ, I took a nap because I was pretty tired. Then, took another nap after watching the game. My body is still tired, but it feels better now.

I woke up because people were screaming and cars were honking because we won. Oklahoma is number 3 in the nation and we're 20. That lasted forever because there was a block party near our apartment. Then, I played two games of cards with Katrina's friends. After that, I caught up watching all of the game reviews on I wanted to read a chapter of MMBio; however, I found out that church starts at nine in the morning. So, I need to go to bed early instead of going to bed late like usual. I'm thinking about doing homework tomorrow. I wanted to clean my room instead because I haven't done unpacked and put things away since I got home.

Sarah is keeping telling me that I should be more social in the ward. I don't care. I missed the opening ward activity last night which sounded fun. However, I wasn't going to miss BJJ. I knew that I would have more fun at BJJ than with the ward. I do things which are fun to men, not because I want people to know me and who I am. I'd much rather have fun in BJJ. If I'm going to practice six days a week, I have to be more productive with my time. I feel like that I wasted today by not doing homework. Next week, I need to stick myself in the library like I did during spring and summer. That really helps because that tells myself that I'm doing homework instead of doing anything else. So, I'm less likely of getting distracted by the internet.

I'm thinking about cutting my hair short like I had it in high school. Again, I don't do it because I'm not interested in it. I know that I look better when I maintain it. However, it takes time and practice. I just don't care about it either. I only told Mom about it when went back to Washington. I didn't tell Rhea because I knew what she would say. She would say that I'm taking the easy way out and that I need to learn how to take care of my hair. Sarah has told me yesterday and today that I should grow my hair out longer because it will look better.

I asked Roberto about bouncing when stretching and overtraining. I just don't want to become tired all the time. If I do that, I'm more susceptible to injury and my body won't recover like it's suppose to. I'll just keep on going downhill. I just want to keep my body in the best shape as possible without injuring it. I don't want to develop bad anything, like a knee, back, neck, or shoulder. I don't want to beat up my body too badly. Cory has a bad shoulder because of shrapnel and broke his big toe. Roberto has a bad back and a really bad knee. Zach had to get an MRI of his knee because it hurts a lot. Chuck tore something that holds his kneecap. Pear has a reoccurring groin injury. He says that it's easier to injure it again because of the scar tissue. Sensei Villa has a bad shoulder. Dad has bad knees and gets really bad muscle cramps in his legs. I've never really injured something before want want to keep it that way. Of course, I've had two hairline fractures in my foot, but they didn't keep me from doing anything or cause me to be in constant pain.

Anyways, Roberto said that one only overtrains by lifting weights. However, I disagree with the things I've read about it over the years. Roberto said Taekwondo masters do it all the time and have really good flexibility. I told him that I looked all over the internet and everyone says not to do it. He says not to trust doctors all the time because they say fighting and getting choked is bad. Well, I looked more about it tonight under on Chiropractors and even Sports Chiropractor's websites. They say not to bounce either. So, I'll trust what I've read on the internet instead of what Roberto says.

I was right that I focused on pain too much when I spar. When sparing with Cory, I was in side mount. He taught me that I need to have one of my elbows near his head, my knees close to him, and an arm wrapped around his leg to control the position. Then, he started driving his elbow right into my thigh. It hurt so much that I retreated my thigh. He said I can't do that because I'm just only giving in to him and the pain. He said that he'd do that all the time to me if we were in a tournament. He said that I have to suck it up, so he's stop doing it and try something else. It's very hard to ignore and not to respond to it. If it hurts enough, all I want to do is to make it stop hurting by either yelling, retreating, and/or submitting.

When sparring with Nick, he pinched the inside of my arm. I yelled, "Crap!!!" as I got on mount. Then, Roberto said for me to stop. He said that I cannot curse or complain because it's disrespectful and we have children inside the dojo. I was about to cry. I yelled because it hurt and was tired of feeling pain. Luckily, he didn't require me to say anything and let me get back onto mount. A little later, I asked him his he thought crap was a swear word. Cory responded saying some people think it is. I'll ask him again to make sure. I remember the time I didn't like people using the word crap. Now, I use it all the time. Another word that I didn't like as shut up. I used it all the time in school, but never when I was around my family. I remember Emma asking me if I could stop saying dang it. I just ignored her. I was sparring with Roberto today. I don't think he likes shoot either because he said not to swear or said something along the lines, "You know what I mean."

I need to ask him what's swearing to him. Probably, I just need to keep more quiet when I spar. I was pretty verbal today. When working with him, I'd get stuck and wouldn't know what do to. So, I'd start talking. He said that just distracts me and he can take the opportunity of getting into a better position. I just need to always keep my head in the game and not get distracted. I learned that pain is a great distraction.

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