Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for a Chiropractor

I have an update with the pain status. I'm getting better and better which is good. I discovered another spot which is pretty tender if I press and rub on it. So, last night when I was in bed, I started feeling around some more to see what other things hurt. This one is just below my shoulder towards my back next to my armpit. When I was moving around this morning, it feels like a big muscle that starts from my back to my chest is really sore. It feels like when I move into place which it doesn't like, it all of a sudden cramps up and hurts. These two areas explain why I thought it was my chest and felt pain in my side too. I don't think that it's an actual rib because I think it would be in one spot. Plus, I think I'd see bruising.

So, I just spent tons of hours looking for a chiropractor that could help me heal faster if I get BYU insurance and Dad agrees with it. I haven't even told him what happened yet. I just want to heal as fast as possible with out injuring myself again. I don't hurt right now because I've been pretty much sitting all day. I'll see how I'm doing tomorrow. I'm thinking about either watching or going really lightly. I just want to do BJJ as soon as possible because I love it. It would be nice for a Doctor to look at my chest and side to determine what I injured. I researched about cracked ribs last night and strained chest muscles today. Many of the sources said that one should go to the doctor to see if the injured person has broken any ribs. I don't think I have because I think that I would have seen bruising. I know that Chiropractors will help the healing process. So, I found one that was similar to my old one at home; however, isn't covered by BYU. The Health and Wellness Institute is freaking expensive compared my old one in Spokane.

So, I searched all of the chiropractors that BYU covers. If I started going to one, I'd choose McClean Clinic Spine & Joint Rehabilitation. It sounds the best because they offer services other than adjustments. Their adjustment technique is your average crack back one. However, they do use Cold Laser Therapy which Dr. Cough treated me with in Spokane. I know that helped my balance. It sounds like they have other therapies that help heal soft tissues too. I think that it would be really nice to start going to a chiropractor again to make sure my neck and back is alright. They sometime pop when I roll especially when someone does a neck crank on me. Chuck says that he usually fights them because they are just painful and don't do anything. However, I'm really careful with those because I don't want to hurt my neck.

The other chiropractors that I'm somewhat interested in is Chiropractic USA, Lonestar Chiropractic Center, and Lindon Family Chiropractic. I just don't want to choose a bad chiropractor that doesn't help me. Rebecka goes to one when she goes home. However, I don't know why she doesn't get one closer so she can get more adjustments. She's always in pain. Maybe, she should see another chiropractor. She got in a car wreck and got whiplash. I want to heal properly and don't feel pain the rest of my life. I just want to take care of my body.

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