Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Much Pain!!!!!

I've never been in so much pain in my life!!! Right now, I feel better; however, I still hurt. Two posts down, I posted about my bruised rib and how it hurt. I started bothering last week getting progressively worse. On Saturday, it bothered me and tried to stretch it out. On Monday, it hurt even worse when sparring with Chuck that one time. It hurt even when I stopped. I was careful and when sparring with him again. I kept on feeling it, but I was fine. Afterwards, I iced it when I went to bed.

Today was a whole different story. It didn't bother me when practicing with Christan. We were practicing throwing each other off of mount while the other person was trying to submit them. For the most part, I was on top trying to set up a submission. I did really well because I finally pulled off an armbar. This was my first armbar against an experienced person because he's an orange belt. I'm a yellow belt. I thought that was pretty cool.

Then, I practiced with Daemon who I just met on Saturday. He's 17 years old, a senior in high school, and really cute. When working the him on Saturday, he took me down pretty fast and hard. Today, we worked on the same thing by trying to take each other down. He's fast and athletic. I asked him if he did any sports. He only does Golf. I asked him if he lifts weights. He said that he's been doing that since May. He has really nice arms. For the most part, he was the one who did the takedowns. When we first started, he got me with a guillotine. I tried to push on his hips, but didn't lift my feet up because he would have taken me down. However, I had to tap out anyways. Then, he started going to my legs. He was so fast that I didn't have time to sprawl. A few times, as I went down, I grabbed on to him. Then, he'd roll or fall off, then I'd mount him. What I was doing was working for me.

I did that for a few times. Then, all of a sudden when I landed, an explosion of pain erupted on my side. It really hurt. Roberto hovered over me asking me what happened because I was laying there in pain. He said that I should move to lay down. I did that. He instantly have me a one use cold pack. That really sucked because it didn't get cold at all. I was in so much pain. It hurt doing any thing. He said to take a water break and rest. Then, I went to watch in the chair. Even trying to lay back in the chair was extremely painful. It even hurt to breathe. Roberto said that I didn't break anything because I can lean to both sides. It hurt though. So, I decided to go home to rest and try to let this pain go away. It really hurt trying to change. It hurt to lift up my arm or even move it around because sharp, stabs of pain just shot through me. While changing, I tried to pinpoint where the pain was coming from. I discovered it below and a little underneath my right breast. I think it's a muscle or something because the pain was shooting to my side.

Roberto said that I landed on my arm which hurt my side. He said that I should have put my arm out to break my fall. Well, it's obviously not my side. It's my chest that hurts. I thought it was my side. Now, when I focus on the pain and see where it hurts, it's my chest. One would think that I'd know where the pain was coming from. However, the body does send out some confusing signals when it feel pain. So, I'm trying to figure out how I landed and if I could have prevented it. For my arm to put pressure of where it hurts, I would have had to landed on my stomach pretty much. That doesn't make sense. Probably, my arm got between Daemon and myself when we landed. I don't know if putting my arm out would have helped it it's been bothering me already. I know that my arm means less surface area, but he could have landed on me with the same surface area as my arm depending on how he landed. I just wanted to grab him instead because it's faster to mount him that way. However, that means a harder landing I guess. I'm not very good at break falling.

It just really hurt when trying to do anything. Driving was painful too. My car decided to be a pain by not wanting to start. Brant offered to help, but it finally started. I was frustrating because I was in pain and wanted to go home. Good thing that I always drive with my left hand, but it still hurt. I was thinking about going to Walmart to shop; however, it even hurt walking around, let alone grabbing for things. I finally got home, told Mary Lu what happened, got my ice pack, took some Advil, and laid down. I read part of chapter one for MMBio. When, I moved around to get myself some dinner I felt better. When, Sarah and Katrina got home I felt even better and didn't hurt as bad when I moved around. I fell asleep when reading.

After that, I feel a little worse because I hurt more when I move around. However, that could be because I'm off the Advil. I don't hurt if I lie down. It start to hurt when I stand up and move around. It doesn't like me using my arm, bending forward, twisting, and moving my shoulder all around. So, I'm most happy laying on my bed. Before I laid down, I was really thinking about going to see the doctor because I was still in a lot of pain. My pain level was about a five or six in general. Then when the pain shot through my body, it jumped up to around a nine or ten for a second or so.

Now, I'm hoping that the pain will gradually go away soon. I don't know when I can go back to BJJ now. I could always go and watch. However, I need to catch up with my homework before I do that. I know that if I go and watch, I'd really want to join. I just need for this heal before I try to do anything. This rib has gotten worse really fast since it started bothering me last week. I just don't want to develop bad anything and be in pain for the rest of my life. I'll feel better about health things when I go to chiropractor school because I'll be learning that will probably have a scientific foundation. Plus, I would know what to do if I hurt myself like this.

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