Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stupid Injury

Getting injured sucks big time!!!! Why? Because pretty much everything I try to do, I feel my chest or side. When I breathe in deep, I feel it. However, I mostly don't feel it when I sit still reading or typing and breathe normally. So today, I wanted to go grocery shopping before BJJ. However, time went before my eyes. I had to go to Costco for some more eye contact solution. Or I would have been on time for the first class. Instead, I was an hour late. I was getting sore from pushing a cart around. My side wasn't liking me using my right arm all that much.

I still thought that I felt good enough to go light and practice. I started practicing the butterfly guard with Taz. I got around his defenses pretty good and mounted him a few times. Then, I started working with the new guy who's 18 years old. I started getting a little frustrated because all we were doing was playing footsie. I tired to mount him, but didn't work. He didn't mount me either, so we were at a stale mate. Then, I started working with another new guy who's 25 years old and lives in Salt Lake. Everyone was drilling pulling people out of the turtle position and get their back. The other is suppose to flip around and face the other guy. However, we worked on the knee sweep because it required less movement. He strained his neck during the summer. He swept me and landed on my other side. However, I instantly felt pain. I wanted to try to sweep him, but couldn't. So, he wanted to try to sweep me, but be more careful. It hurt too much just to stick my right arm out. So, I just sat and watched for the rest of the time.

My chest was killing me. It hurt just to move, but that eventually went away after time. I noticed that it was spazzing out too. It might have been due to my breathing, but I don't know. I don't know why it wouldn't be steady. Good thing that Roberto kept on smiling at me when I was just sitting and watching. A few times, he told me to keep practicing my grips on my gi. There are two different grips we can do when we have someone in our spider guard. I didn't mind doing that over and over again because it takes one forever to get anything right and useful.

It was very interesting watching Roberto watching and answering everyone's questions. I really never pay attention when I drill with someone. I'm too concentrated on the drill. When watching, Chuck asked me why I was looking sad and watching. I told him I was injured and Roberto told him how it happened. I think it's a combination of things. My side bugging me in the first place and not breaking my landing at all. Chuck told me that he has injured his ribs too. He said that it takes about a month to heal. UGG, that stinks. It sounds right from what I was reading on the internet.

I have good news!!!! Roberto is going to test in two weeks. He told everyone what belts that they are going to get except me. I asked him after class. He said I deserve on orange belt; however have to wait for my testing because of my injury. That made me so happy because I thought he was going to say that I'm not ready yet. I just need to heal, hopefully fast. I'd be totally happy when I get my orange belt!! That means that my knowledge of BJJ is increasing.

At the end of the night, I did forty knee push-ups. I thought that they felt pretty good. Roberto said it's my fault that I'm injured. That's OK. I pretty much see it as no one's fault. He said that I should take Ibuprofen for the pain every morning and night. I'm not doing that because I avoid any type of pills like the plague. Plus, I'm not in pain throughout the day anyways. I just start hurting a little when walking with my heavy backpack. I'm just sad that I can't do BJJ tomorrow with the club. Oh well. There will be more time for me to do my homework. Hopefully, I can do more on Monday.

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