Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Seven Peaks

I'm tired and want to go to bed. For a stake activity tonight, we went to Seven Peaks Water Park. The park was closed and was full of young adults because it actually consisted of two stakes. I stuck with Neal, my home teacher, most of the time because he wanted go to on all of the extreme rides with me. The first one that I went down was Freefall, the orange one. I would have gotten pretty nervous by looking at it at close because the drop looks pretty vertical. I didn't really have to wait in line for that one. I swallowed a lot of water on that one. Then, we went down Speed Breaker, which is the blue one, twice as the line got longer and longer. The first time, I got stuck on the top, so I had to push myself to get unstuck.

The second time around, I kept on pushing myself until the drop off point. It scared me a little because I became airborne for a second or so. That was so fun because I've never became airborne and unrestrained like that except for jumping off something. When I went the guy on top said for me to cross my legs. All three times, I had them uncrossed. Until I really thought about it why they tell people this, I figured out why one should. If one doesn't, one will get a literal colon cleaning. Water gets up there and will get out in a few minutes later. I've never felt that feeling because I've never had water come out there before. It's always been a number 2 or 3. I never went to the restroom because I knew it was just water.

We went down Flood Flood. I went down the green one and Neal went down the blue one. Until now, I just realized that they're two different slides. It because we start out in the same place. Probably, it's just faster to get people through. We raced, but Neal won. He could have gotten a shorter slide too. We went down Tube Run too. It was alright.

Then, we met up with two other people. I know the guy is in our ward, but I don't think the girl even in our stake. We went on the Boomerang. It was a pretty long wait. We finally got to the top. I sat in front of Neal. The slide didn't look scary at all. However, it was scary compared to the other slides. With that slide, I watched us go down, up, down, up... until we came to a complete stop. The other slides, I couldn't watch myself go down because of my contacts and all the water flying in my face. So, they aren't scary at all.

We went and played in the adult pool for a little while. It had Lilly Pads that we can cross over by two strands of rope hanging above them length wise. I couldn't do it because it required mostly upper body strength. It didn't surprise me on bit because my arms and hands supporting all of my body weight. I had the same issue when I tried to swing on the rope swing. I wanted to swing until it starts coming back. I held for a few seconds, screamed, and fell into the water.

Then, a group of us went into the spa. However, ours was off and somewhat cold. We were in the middle. The other two on the outside of us were warm. Everyone in that group wanted to go home. I went off to find Sarah and Katrina. Then, I found Joey who I just met. Then, we met up my roommates. Amber was with them. Joey and I got a double tube. Sarah and Amber did too. Katrina got a single tube. Then, we went down Cave In in the dark. That was fun because we couldn't see where we were going. I screamed the whole way just for fun. I was screaming pretty high. Sarah asked me if that was me. I said it was.

After that, Amber, Sarah, and Katrina were done going on the slides. Joey had to go home. Sarah doesn't like going on the really fast slides. So, I went down them by myself. I went down Freefall first because there wasn't a line. It was better when I crossed my legs because the water didn't go up anywhere and had less water fly into my face trying to drown me. Then, I went down Speed Breaker again to see what it was like in the dark. I got stuck, so didn't didn't get airborne. Then, I went down Jagged Edge, the yellow one, twice. That was fun because it was longer than the other slides. The first dip, I pushed my self. By the second dip, I laid back because I was going fast enough. However, I forgot to cross my arms and got a little burn on my elbow.

During the second time, I kept my eyes a open a little longer. When I stopped, I thought that I lost my right contact, but it came back when we were in the parking lot. Sarah let me borrow one of her contacts because she has daily's and I have monthly's. She thought I was going to lose them. So, I had one of my mine in my left eye and the her's in my right. I could tell a huge difference between them because hers is a 5.5. Mine is somewhere in the eight or nine.

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