Sunday, September 13, 2009


I love writing in this blog because I can look back and see what I've done with my life and my progress in martial arts. There are a few things I would like to write about. First, I'm still behind on my reading with BJJ and Chris's two blogs. I love reading his blog because he's a very good writer. One would think so because he writes books for a living. I just hope that when people read my blog, people will understand what I'm talking about and able to visualize the thing or situation what I'm trying to explain.

That's why I love really good novels, like the Tennis Shoe Series and Harry Potter. They adequately explain what's going on in the book to the point where I can imagine what's going on inside my head. It's lots of fun because I can see these characters move around, interact with each other and their environment. It's not as clear as dreams or in movies, but the images stay with me longer in a way. Of course, I forget what's going on in the books; but I can still remember the images produced with pretty much all the books I've read. In dreams, the images are so much clearer and more vibrant; however, they are so easy to forget which sucks. I just love books and dreams that take me places that I haven't seen before. Most of the time, I won't see them in real life because they are imaginary. I love fantasy and science fiction.

Right now, I'm following a TV show called The Colony that's on the Discovery Channel. It's this alternate reality which takes place after a viral outbreak that pretty much takes everyone out. These ten people have to survive in the city and live in a large warehouse. The things that they invent are pretty cool. The show has made me think more about food storage. I have some food items stored away, but it needs to be a lot more.

Sarah says that this injury is a good thing so I can branch out and do other things. I guess most people are used to doing multiple things that interest them. However, I've always had my special interests. I've always been obsessed with one or two things in my life. They've changed over time, but that takes a long while. In high school, I love singing and chess. When I was a kid, I loved playing with toy cars and Legos. When I was in middle school, I'd play video games until Evan got his X-Box. I still follow video games and watch videos about them. I have a few special interests that keep me entertained. I've always been happy being by myself and doing my own thing. Sometimes, I have more fun by myself than with other people.

I was supposed to do homework, since I didn't go to the club today. However, I watched three episodes of the Colony, took a shower, shaved, slept some more, iced my chest and back, played with Oliver, and went to Walmart with Sarah. Oliver is that cat that Sarah found today. He's declawed and very friendly. Probably, Oliver is a she because he's pretty skinny. It's very nice playing with a cat that doesn't have any claws. Normally, I have to be really careful or get a sweatshirt to play with Miss Piggy. Hopefully, Oliver will come back. Sarah let him inside the house today. I'm just surprised that anyone would let him outside because he's declawed.

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