Thursday, September 03, 2009

Won My First Real Fight

I love BJJ!!! I think I will be forever in love with it. It's such a cool martial art and sport. I'm calling it a sport because one can compete in it. Sarah doesn't call it or even skiing and snowboarding a sport. I really disagree with her with that one. She's just very picky what she calls a sport. UFC and WEC are sports because the people who fight in them are definitely athletes. Probably, she doesn't think that these things are sports because she hasn't tried it herself. I wonder if she thinks boxing is a sport.

I have really good news. I won against a guy name Brant today who weight 225 pounds. I couldn't believe it because he's so much stronger than me. He's 25 years old and looks pretty fit. He kept on trying pass my guard. When he passed it and tried to side mount me, I put my knee to my chest, shrimped, and got him back into my guard. Then, I mounted him twice. The first time, he threw me off. The second time, he turned his back to me. So, I got him in a rear naked choke. Roberto stopped me from finishing it. Right afterwards, I had to spar with Nick. I was so tired at that point. He tried to get in me a guillotine again. Roberto stopped it after a little while. He said I needed a break. I didn't care because I was really tired at that point. Plus, I was really huffing and puffing.

I'm really proud of myself because he's a big guy. The only guys that I beat always smaller than me. I've never beat anyone who's as big or bigger than me. Brant said he doesn't really know any submissions. Roberto said that he's a pretty good grappler. He said that my technique was better than his. I just wore out him until he gave up. I'm just really proud of myself. This is why I love BJJ. This is the only sport I don't suck at. I mean I'm crappy and suck at every other physical activity. I think that my abilities are improving right along with everyone else. It helps that I don't miss class either. With every sport except this one, I have to work twice as hard to get something right. In karate, I always sucked at kicking correctly because of my balance. In track, I worked really hard at it because of my balance again. One needs to have good balance to spin in a circle. Swimming, I sucked at because I could never kick properly until now. I just think that I'm on a more even playing field because I'm on the ground and not on my feet.

On Monday, I sparred with Nick. I did alright. He almost tapped me out with a guillotine. I was on his mount and trying to get my head out of there. Roberto said to put my arm on his neck which I did. I didn't know how to make him let go. I almost tapped out because he flattened me by trapping one of my legs with his legs. Then Roberto said to stand up and really lean on my arm to put more pressure on him. Then, he said to use my other hand to pull at him arm so he can let go. I worked and got really excited that I got out. I reminded myself that I had to be get low and not get excited when I'm on mount.

Well, I'm not going to do that self defense class. It's for women who aren't interested in taking any martial arts. I really liked the lecture. However, they said that the moves they teach to us should be kept from the men because they don't want to find out future assaulters to learn about them. Of course, I don't know much of the techniques they are going to teach; however, I'm pretty sure that one will see those techniques martial arts. On the website, they say that it's not even a martial art. I would like to see more of the techniques that they teach tough to see how effect they are.

The stances that they taught last night were horrible. They had three stances. One is called a cautionary stances. I'm not going to explain stances since I just watched a lot a videos about RAD on Google. Ya, it's very basic. It would be fun to kick and punch a person in a full padded suit, but that's it. Everything else would be boring because I know them already. Plus, I'm already have my fighting stance thank you very much. They place their back foot in their fighting stance. Their front arm is a v and their back hand is right next to their belly button. It's very non-practical because one cannot have a good cross from having their foot all the way behind the other foot. It just doesn't help that one of the police officers know any kind of martial arts. It's like the blind leading the blind. If I get attacked, I'll will use my fighting stance before that one. I'm sure as heck not going to yell no all the time when defending myself. Probably, I have my hands open, palm towards him and yell no at first though.

It's just for women who don't know anything about martial arts or protecting themselves. I looked at the stimulation and most girls are just flailing their arms around. That reminds me of something. I learned how to punch and kick correctly from karate. I've learned how to keep my elbow in because of chambering. However, I've noticed that the girl that I fought tonight and especially little Nick likes to throw round punches. He just flails his punches. He cannot do that. However, I surprised that Chuck doesn't correct him of this habit. I'll just make him punch from chamber a whole bunch of times.

Another thing, the girl didn't know how to control her punches when using a lot of power. She was keeping saying that she was punching to hard. That was fine for me because none of them connected them to my head. I don't think that she did any body shots either. However, I kept on backing up because I wasn't used to a person to come right in my face and start throwing shots. The last time, I held my ground to get some shots in. It's a lot easier now since I can see what the crap is going on. I think that I held my breath during the last one though. I just need to get use to being hit even though I wasn't hit tonight. Chuck says that everyone feels emotions when fighting especially getting hit in the face. That made me feel better about getting upset when I sparred with Cory a month ago.


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Awesome - I'm impressed. I guess your have more skill that you thought!

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