Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying to find a new school

So, I went to the BJJ club today. Man, I miss Roberto's dojo. However, I'm thankful for my training there. I've noticed that I'm getting better because people are having a harder time passing my guard. That's a really good thing because when I started, everyone passed it really easily. It seems like I have the most experience there except for Heather, Colin, Brent, and maybe a new guy that I haven't met before. This is very good. I noticed that everyone was trying to use force when rolling. That's a bad thing. However, pretty much all of them are beginners too. That's what every beginner does. I know that in Coach Pease's class here at BYU, I used so much force and gassed out pretty quickly. I remember being really tired after class.

With Roberto, he made sure all of the guys sparred when tired. Thus, they couldn't use their strength to win. They had to use technique too. What I really liked about Roberto's class too is how we only went over a few moves during the whole three hours. We learned how to do it and practiced a move over and over. Then we added resistance to make sure we have the move. That tells us that we can use it when sparring.

At the club, we went through moves way too fast. We practiced them a few times with a partner that didn't resist at all. Then, we'd move to another technique. I learned some techniques tonight, but I won't be able to use them. After the first hour, we had open mat. It took awhile to find people to roll with me. I just wanted to roll all night. I rolled with his guy who's heart was beating faster than mine and he was in my half guard. I didn't use much strength while rolling. That's why I could have rolled for hours. There was this one kid who was stronger and lighter than me. I did really well because I eventually went onto his back and did a rear naked choke. I considered that an actual fight.

Pretty much, the rest of my matches weren't real fights because my side started to bother me. They would either side or full mount me. I couldn't do anything because of it. I couldn't upa because I didn't have the strength to get this guy off of me. I didn't upa anyone today. I did lots of shrimping and used an open guard quite a bit. I was a little out of my element too because no one had gi tops. I couldn't do a spider guard or do any type of gi chokes. Roberto said that when you get really good with the gi, it's pretty easy to spar without one too. I know that people on the internet disagree with that. I liked sparring with Charity. She didn't use that much strength unless until there was an indicator. She couldn't buck me from mount this time. I noticed that when she did, she exposed her arms pretty badly. When she bucked, I grabbed on to one of her arms and armbarred it.

Another thing that I loved about Roberto's dojo is that it was really intense cardio wise. We ran lines as fast as we could against another person. He called it ladders which I thought was funny. We would run around the dojo too. When running, we would do forward rolls first. I'm getting much better at them because I only do one side and actually do it the correct way. Then, we would roll forwards and backwards. We would army crawl and do doing push-ups in between the crawling. We would work on shrimping too.

Lately, we'd walk on short ends of the dojo and sprint on the long side. He made us work our cardio so much. It was really good because I need to have a person yelling at me so I can go harder. I won't go that hard by myself. He pushed some of the guys so hard that they'd throw up. I think this is why I missed Chinen's dojo too. It was really intense and a very good work out. I want to continue this intense training. I'm really hoping that I can find someone that will teach me correctly and still be intense.

I talked to Brent today about Paul Tom. He said that Paul charges 75 dollars a month. That sound pretty reasonable. I just need to see how he teaches and how good he is. I've heard that he's really laid back and talks a little to much. Probably, he's better than Throwdown though. This is his website. Brent said that Paul Tom wasn't to impressed when talking to Roberto. Brent said that Paul tried to get in touch with Roberto's teachers and they didn't have anything good to say about him. I'll have to ask Paul Tom about that because I not getting it from the source. Another school that I'm thinking about is the Unified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. However, that's forty minutes away. So, hopefully Paul Tom is a good teacher.


ZenHG said...

It seems as though this school might be better.
Don't be stuck on the past, you bring up Roberto a lot, but Roberto is now part of the past. You have to move on and get on with things, if you don't do that now then you never will.

Lizzie said...

Yes, he is. I need to stop thinking about him. It's hard though. It will get better over time. Thanks. :)