Sunday, September 21, 2008

The body's innate intelligence

Elizabeth is going to talk with the mission president at church today about her trial mission. Yay. Plus, I'm researching about the body's innate intelligence.

I'm trying to understand what my chiropractor is saying when he talks about the body's innate intelligence. I found this good article on the internet called Chiropractic Makes Sense. Then, I found a blog post about it too called Mental Impulses and Innate Intelligence. I think that the body's innate intelligence is your spirit because a dead person and an alive person has the same things; however, the dead one doesn't a spirit or the innate intelligence. They were saying that the innate intelligence controls one's brain or mental impulses. This intelligence's main communication is through the nerve system. If there is nerve interference, it and the body cannot communicate with each other effectively, thus resulting in disease. These supplements that I want to buy will get rid of the nerve interference eventually. I'm just trying to figure out how my chiropractor communicates with it by proxy. Maybe his spirit is communicating with my spirit; however, wouldn't I feel it though because I definitely feel when the Holy Ghost communicates with me. I found another good article that talks about Kinesiology.

I met with Andrey today. We were going to play tennis; however, we talked and went to his apartment. After looking at the games that he likes to play, we went to Jack in the Box to eat. Then, he dropped me off at SCC where my car was parked. When we were sitting there talking, two security came up with two cars. The woman said to get leave right then and there. I didn't like how she handled us security wise because she could have been a lot nicer saying since we were just sitting there in the car, we should leave because we don't have any business being there. Then, they made sure that we left my following our cars. Security doesn't have that much authority. It just irked me of how mean she was when she told us to leave.

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