Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dim Mak Book

Elizabeth is wondering if a DO can do all the things that a chiropractor can do. is researching about Dim Mak. finally finished her essays!! should have filled out FAFSA.

Since last night, I've been researching about no touch knockouts, the death touch, and Dim Mak. Dim Mak is a martial art that uses pressure points to knock out or even kill someone. I found a really good book that talks how the Chinese meridians equals the nervous system. I would like to buy it; however, I'm trying to save money. I just want to learn and understand more about how my chiropractor treats me. He can heal people without touching them. He can definitely figure out what's wrong without touching them. I know all of this sounds crazy. I would have believed myself if I wrote to myself in the past before I met my chiropractor. I have read about chi and watched a little about no touch KO's and thought it was bunch of baloney. I know some of it is true. I still don't know about no touch KO's though. I don't think it's a fraud. It still might be the power of Satan though because it's using Chi in a bad way.

I finally finished writing my scholarship essays. Hurray!! I sent them off to Brother Adams so he can proofread them. I was all worried about the application because I didn't know how much was after those essays. The next page was financial information. I should have filled out a FAFSA a couple weeks ago so they can have it by the deadline. However, I didn't look at the requirements for the scholarship and completely missed it. That's alright. I doubt that they will give me any money out of financial need because my parents make too much money.

President Clark called and asked if I could start this Wednesday. I don't know because I haven't even started preparing. However, I'm not taking that much with me. Mom and Dad says I won't even be ready because three days isn't enough time. I just have lots of things to do.

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