Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Driver's licence

Elizabeth is really thankful that she can still work for Securitas when she gets back from her trial mission. I need my medical insurance for my chiropractor.

Gerr. I need to go to bed. However, I want to ice my lower back before I go to bed. I didn't ice it yesterday or today, just once tonight. I need to go to bed because I want to get up early to go to institute at 10:30. I work tomorrow too. So, I have to have extra time to make lunch and drive Evan to school. Ha, Ha, me leaving on my trial mission will make Evan to get his drivers license. Hurray!!! Because when I get home, I won't have to drive Evan anymore. He's been meaning to get since spring.

Now, a few people has read this blog since I've been reading others and commenting on them. However, no one is following it yet. So, I can still write anything I want to a degree.

I went to institute today. I loved class because Brother Adams shared two stories with us. One that just happened to his son, Brian, who's on a mission in Korea and a story that happened on his own mission. I would write about them, but like I said I need to go to bed.


Martial Arts Mom said...

Ah, just because I haven't formally subscribed does not mean I'm not following your blog! I am!

Lizzie said...

Well, thanks. I didn't know anybody was following me.