Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need more money for supplements

Well, here I go again. I'm going to try to post everyday even it's going to be one sentence. Probably, all my posts are going to start off my status update from facebook. Well, it worth a shot because one sentence each day is pretty easy. So, why not write a paragraph explaining more of what I wrote. Probably, this will be boring for most people. However, it's still good to write everyday. I wonder if Tony still writes in his journal everyday.

Elizabeth wishes that she has more money. It's going to take forever to become a doctor and make the big bucks. I've been going to a Chiropractor. I took a total nutritional scan last week that cost 25 dollars. It ends up the he found nine things which were wrong with me. I'm going to start from the top priority. Liver, stomach, lung (because of strep), colon, ovaries, brain (because of liver), heavy metals (too much Mercury), and parasite. If I want to take care of my liver and stomach, I have to take these dietary supplements that will cost $77. I only work two days a week. So, I really have to watch my spending. So by going to the chiropractor, I haven't gone to karate four times a week. I've been going once a week because of gas. I really need to pay Sensei $100 because I haven't payed him since May. I want to buy and take these supplements because they really sound good for the body. If it was any supplement that one could get at a drug store, I wouldn't buy it because most aren't in the right form to be digested properly. Since my sexual abuse episode, I've been much more cautious about trusting people. I've been researching all about chiropractors, the Brimhall protocol, and Applied Kinesiology to make sure that he's isn't ripping me off. I trust him for now because he's Mormon and my balance is improving. That's saying a lot because I have really bad balance. I know that being Mormon isn't full proof, but it's a lot better than not being one. I want to ask my Bishop about Applied Kinesiology because it's very controversial and not scientific. Plus, he's a chiropractor himself.

Bishop told me that I'd be receiving a letter from President Mott in the mail this week. President Mott was going to give it to me on Sunday at church; however, I was at Eugene Oregon. I was going to call President Mott because he was suppose to call me last week. I don't know if this letter is a good sign because why would he give me a letter? Maybe it's from the guy in Salt Lake City saying there is no way that I could serve a mission. Maybe Heavenly Father doesn't want me to go on one because going to college is more important. I was accepted to BYU just like that and have been trying to go on a mission for five months. Well, institute starts in a week!!! I'm so happy because I loved it during the Spring quarter. I love Brother Adams and Sister Barber.

I like this quote from Ted L. Gibbons. This is about 1-7 of 1 Nephi. "If the Lord knows of our willingness to teach and testify of anything he lets us see and hear, he will let us see and hear many things. Notice as you study this record how often in the Book of Mormon the Lord shows his will and his purposes to his prophets and they immediately begin to share what they have learned with those around them. Of course some spiritual communications are designed for us only, and those we do not share." This is what I want to do on my mission. Since I know the gospel very well, why not share it to the world?

“When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.” (John 6:15) Jesus knew that the problems of the Jews were not social; they were spiritual, and he refused the throne." I didn't know that the Jews wanted to force Him to be king.

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Hi Lizzie,

I came to your blog by way of One Crazy Chick.

Reading a little about your experience with the chiropractor encouraged me to do a little research. Here is some information related to Brimhall which you probably had not found.

An important part of the Brimhall Protocol is actually in office management and practice building. The chiropractors attend seminars, receive certifications, and learn how to increase profits through promoting "Wellness".

Here are just a few examples of newsletters promoting seminars which Dr. Brimhall runs -




Here's the website for Nutri-West Supplements -

Of course prices are not listed.

I'm just sharing this information because I have a gut feeling that your chiro might be taking advantage of you as a profitable patient. Also, your mention of wanting your mother to see the chiro sends up alarms that the chiro is following the rules of "show and tell" and "create 3 wows in every visit."

If I offend, I apologize.