Monday, September 15, 2008


I like these quotes:

"President Kimball taught: “Let us then continue on in this important work of recording the things we do, the things we say, the things we think, to be in accordance with the instructions of the Lord. For those of you who may not have already started your books of remembrance and your records, we would suggest that this very day you begin to write your records quite fully and completely. We hope that you will do this, our brothers and sisters, for this is what the Lord has commanded.” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.349)

"Many times have I wished that my father had kept an account of his life, that I might look over it, and see his by gone days, deed and fortune; and never did he make the scratch of a pen towards it, until he had seen sixty cold winters; and as yet I know but very little of his life, not enough to make any record of, although I have a very short account written, but which is beyond my reach at present, if not forever. Like men in general I presume to suppose, that I shall have a posterity; and that may; like me; wish to know of their father's life, that they might view it, and perhaps profit thereby, or at least, have the satisfaction of knowing it. This is one object that induces me to write; that my nearest kindred, might know of their kinsman. I write also for a satisfaction to myself, to look over my past life, dates and events, and to comply with a requirement, oft repeated by the prophet Joseph Smith, "That every man should keep a daily journal." (Oliver Huntington Autobiography, BYU Special Collections, p.26)

Ever since junior in high school, I've been trying to keep a journal; now I blog. I love blogging because it's so much faster and easier to type then write. About a month ago, I read some of my journals that I wrote in high school. My handwriting is bad! I kept on wishing that it was on the computer so I could read it easier. It didn't help that I wrote with these light colored gel pens that were for dark paper.

Anyways, I've always loved writing about my life and what I think about things. It gives me a concrete perspective and a voice to what's going on in my life. However, like I said in the past, what I write or blog is so small what goes on in my normal life. Probably, it would be boring to most people if one could write or catalog every little thing that happened to him or her each day. I'm reminded of a movie where people in the future can access their loved one's memories when they died. That would be cool. One can know what really happened in a situation that affected both parties. For example, if the loved one lied to them or not. I know that our thoughts and actions are being recorded and will probably be used when we are judged.

When I was in high school, I always tried to write in my journal everyday. Now, it's about once or twice a week between my three blogs. I'm doing better about writing; however, I'm not doing it everyday. I'm trying to update my status everyday on facebook. I just need to put the updates on this blog because I think that they just get deleted after a period of time. Or maybe not this blog because it might be boring who read it. Lately, I've been writing the things that happened to me that were interesting, so I won't bore the reader. However, I don't know if it really matters because no one reads this blog anyway. People did read it when I had problems with my evil dojo.

Hey, I really need to write this down. Two weeks ago, on the first, I went to an audition to be an extra thug in a movie that's shooting in Spokane during the fall. I wasn't expecting to see all of these guys especially Sempai Scott from the evil dojo. I ignored him because he was the head Sempai of the group. He's thrid in command. Only Sensei Mary and Chinen are higher than him. When we were both waiting in line, he recognized me. So, he asked me how was my training going. I said that it was good and I was training at Spokane Family Karate Center. He said that he heard that. I asked how was the dojo. He said that some old timers came back. Then, he asked if I remembered Tracy. Tracy was a white belt who did commercials when I left. He said that Tracy said he should audition here. He said that he's done a commercial or a movie in the past. Then, our conversation when our space grew apart when the line moved. When he was done, he came right up to me. I asked how was it. He said it was alright. Then, he shook my hand and then said, "Good Luck". Then, he left. I was very surprised with his actions. I thought he would have been mean or something like that because of the fallout. Sensei Chinen, Sempai John, and him were the people that I didn't want to speak again to in that dojo.

I'm going to post all the my status updates that I said on facebook. I'm not going to say the dates because that would be too time consuming. Elizabeth either wants to go on a mission, get a better job, or go to BYU. Going on a mission is the one I want the most. If not, I want to go to BYU because I'm bored. Elizabeth went to Steve and Sariah's wedding reception. They had an awesome band!!! Elizabeth needs to write her essays for BYU. (I still need to write the essays for scholarships.) Elizabeth needs to write three more essays for BYU. Elizabeth really wants to go on a mission. It looks like that I have to do a trial mission first. Have to talk to the Stake President first. Elizabeth is went to a chiropractor for the first time in her life. It was very interesting. I had no idea what he was doing. I'll know more on Wednesday. Elizabeth researched about chiropractors. I didn't know the spine related to the wellness of the whole body. I suspect that I have problems in my lower back. Elizabeth is going to Sean's missionary farewell. Elizabeth is learning the correct strategy for Mobwars. Elizabeth is trying to learn what my chiropractor did to me. Elizabeth is really mad at herself that she forgot to go to Jen and Cameron's wedding reception!!! I really wanted to go too!! Ugg. :( Elizabeth is praying that her Stake President and the missionary department would give her chance. I want to prove myself through a trial (service) mission. Elizabeth is waiting for her Stake President to call her about the trial mission. I wouldn't surprise me if I have to call him tomorrow. Elizabeth wandered all over the fair looking for my FHE group. It was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Couldn't find them. I liked wandering by myself though. Elizabeth is very happy. My balance is improving on my right side because of my chiropractic treatments. Plus, I was accepted to BYU-Provo. YAY! Elizabeth is hoping that the credits that she took at SCC will transfer into her Neuroscience major. That what happens when one changes schools and professions. Elizabeth is in Eugene Oregon. Had to deliver a box to my dad for work. Drove all night. Took eight hours. Elizabeth is back in Spokane. I don't like being cramped in a car for eight hours. I get fried! I don't know if I could be a truck driver.

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