Monday, September 22, 2008

Trial Mission

Elizabeth is excited and really nervous about the trial mission. It will be for six weeks and full time. I'll live with one or two sister missionaries. It will start on the 6th. It could be here, Cheney, Sandpoint, or Moscow. President Clark said that Sisters work well the people who to the universities. Two weeks are not far away. I can't wait to tell Brother Adams!! I have to wear nylons or knee highs. Yuck, I hate those things because I feel that they constrict my feet and legs. We have to have mid calf skirts which is OK because I have two already. However, I don't have many shirts that have collars. Then, I have to wear closed toed shoes. I need to get one or two more pairs that are more comfortable than what I have now. Hopefully, I'll find the clothes without too much hassle because I normally just buy that looks good on me. Finding clothes that fit and look good is so hard because I'm six feet tall and weight 195 to 200 pounds. I have a long torso and big thighs. Plus, my feet is a size 11 1/2 to 12. I don't like trying to find nice shoes for me because it's so hard. I'm not the average girl or woman.

I need to tune my bike because I may have to take it. Plus, Evan has to take the hunting tape off of it too. I don't know how well I can ride my bike with a skirt on. I need to take bedding with me, which means I have to go to the Laundry Mat and wash my comforter because I haven't washed it in three years. I think that's what makes my room smell funny. I need to get more suitcases for me because I only have a big, brown, old duffel bag. That would fit my clothes but not my bedding. I can't take any entertainment with me. I have to call and ask if I could take my CD's with me. That would be wonderful because I love my music. I'm going to miss my laptop because I love typing everything. I'd have to write things down which is the slow way. I'd miss my I-Pod because I love all the music I can put on it. If I bring CD's, they'd be 1/100th of my music collection since I have about 4,300 songs. I'd really miss reading the scriptures and the commentary on the internet. However, I will be busy studying the scriptures and learning from Preach My Gospel. If I go on a regular mission, I have to buy Jesus the Christ, Our Search for Happiness, and Our Heritage because I will read all of Preach My Gospel at one point. I found the whole book of Jesus the Christ on the internet.

Hopefully, I can be still employed by Securitas when I get back. During spring quarter I didn't work, so it should be OK. I hope so because I want my medical insurance and don't want to look for a job when I get back.

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