Friday, September 26, 2008

The Stand

Elizabeth finished listening to "The Stand" by Stephen King at work. It's pretty good. However, it's Rated R book because of the swearing and some graphic scenes. Latter Day Saints (Mormons) shouldn't read it. It was just as bad or even worse than the book "Hitman". I almost didn't finish Hitman because of the sexual scenes. I don't think I would have finished "The Stand" if I read it because of the swearing. There were some foreplay sex scenes that I didn't like. I didn't like how people just slept with each other. I did like the plot and the variety of characters. The whole book took up 46 CD's. It didn't help that the segments were a little more 40 min each. So, the CD's were a little more than half full. I-Tunes didn't split any of the segments so I could use the whole CD. I listen to books on CD because I just sit there waiting for Food Service of America's (FSA) trucks to come in so I can check for damage. I'm suppose to stop anyone that I don't know before they come in the site. However, I don't worry about it because I can't really stop them. They just go past me and it's too late. FSA employees don't even have little stickers or permits on their cars that tell us whether they are employees or not. FSA doesn't even care about security because if they did, it could be a closed site meaning that they would have to have a pass to get inside the premises. That would be a pain though for the long haul truckers. Plus, FSA has their drivers to leave the keys inside their unlocked trucks on the site. Anyone can waltz in there and steal a truck and/or a big trailer full of food.

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