Friday, June 05, 2009

The Bod Pod

I wasn't expecting this picture to be so huge!!! It looks like some space pod.

It seems like that I'm not dealing with stress that well right now. I was stressing today because I'm still behind in stats. Plus, the study group changed times and couldn't get their questions. I think I could have got them from another girl; however, I decided not to. When, I was stressing and getting depressed, I watched a few videos on Probably, wasting an hour. I felt better, but didn't get that much done. So, I didn't get that many points on my homework. I have some more homework which is due tomorrow. However, I'm planning on not doing it because I can't. I'm still behind and wouldn't know what to do even if I tried. I have a test coming up next week. I really need to get through those slides and have the tutors help me. I hate being behind!!! I just wish school was easier. However, I'd much rather be here than some another University because I really like it here and don't want to move again. I just really hope that I can do well in stats.

Today, was the first time where I didn't get startled by that notification that happens twice at night. I was very happy. Then as I was making my way towards the building, the library played a Star Wars song, then Swords Dance, a Gladiator song, then another Star Wars song. I tried to find the name of the Gladiator song, but couldn't find it. It might have been The Battle. Another night, they played a song from The Rock. I like soundtrack songs. I wish the radio would play those types of songs. However, instead they play crap with tons of commercials.

Ugg. My shoulder feels like it's growing right now. I know it's not because I done growing. A muscle a little below my arm pit is really tender. At first, I thought it was that muscle. However, I was wrong because I found a muscle which is on the back of my shoulder. This is annoying. Today, I weighed myself and measured my fat content. I have one of those handhelds that tells me how much fat I have on my body. It said I was at 23 percent. I was very happy. I told Sarah about it and she says that they aren't very accurate. They are off by five percent. I told her that my health instructor from SCC said that they are accurate. She says that they don't know anything. I don't know who to trust because Sarah almost graduated from Fresno State and the instructor has higher credentials. I just did some research about the Bod Pod which BYU uses to measure body fat. From all the news videos I have watched, it seems more accurate than the water method. Now I definitely want to get tested because it's only 15 dollars. Many sources on the internet say that 23% is on the fitness level. I just want to see if that's accurate or not. I remember when it said that Rhea was 23 percent. I still don't look like anything like her because I still have this stupid gut.

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