Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Attack!!!

Class was fun today. I want to write about what I talked to Roberto about after class. However, that would take too long because I really need to go to bed in a few minutes. I wanted to write earlier. I couldn't because I had to clean instead because cleaning checks are tomorrow. Plus, I got home late because I went to Walmart and explored a little carnival was on my way home. There wasn't any rides that looked interesting. There was one ride that I remember Evan and Rhea freaking out when we were in Maine. It the ride where we're in a cage. There are four cages to the ride, but we can count them as two because two are connected to each other. The ride sings the passengers, then goes around in a loop eight times. So, each cage is upside down eight times.

So when I was looking for the right type of toilet paper that was a the right price, all of a sudden someone put their arm around my neck. I'm pretty sure that I put my hand or hands on their arms because it felt like the beginnings of a rear naked choke. For those couple seconds, my mind was on high alert trying to figure out who it was. I thought that it may have been someone from the class at BYU. As I spun around to see who attacked me, I discovered it was Roberto. Then, he noticed that I turned bright red. I can feel when my face does that. No one has ever done that to me before. If he was a real attacker who got the choke clamped right away, I would have had five to eight seconds before I would pass out. I couldn't believe how easy he did that. Probably, I should be more aware of my surroundings because it seems like that I love to be in my own little bubble all the time.

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