Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Not the Only One

I really like blogging because it keeps me informed about what happened to me in the past. I can relive good memories in detail and remember all of those nuances that fade after time. I put some bad experiences on here, but if they are too personal and private, I put them on my life blog.

So, I'm happy that I'm tired right now. The last few nights I've been going to bed late and have been taking awhile to fall asleep. I don't understand why though because I have been going to bed pretty late. However, I haven't been getting up really early except today. I got up at 6:15 and wasn't that tired even though I had three hours of sleep. So, I took a shower and ate breakfast. After an hour and a half of getting ready, my brain started to shut down and got sleepy. So, I wanted to sleep for an hour to so I can attend my O-chem lab and stats labs. However, I don't even remember waking up and turning my alarm off. I know it had to go off, because it was set at the right time and it was on. That has never happened to me before. I know with Evan and Sarah, it always happens with them. Lately, I've been lax with myself because I know that I'm going to retake O-chem. Probably, that's why I've been going to bed late and then, in turn I don't get up and end up missing stats and O-chem because I want to sleep.

I did some stats homework today. However, I only went through a chapter on the internet. I really want to catch up, but it hasn't happened yet. I was in the library for seven hours today. I probably did around five hours of studying. No one showed up to our study group today except Natalie. So, we ended up doing homework together. I found out that she's a worse boat than me because she's failed the first two tests and this is her only class. She said that she's been doing part time ever since she graduated from high school. She went to a Community College first and then, she transferred to BYU. She came to BYU when 24 years old and went to BYU for three and a half years. She only has stats and then she's done with Public Health. However, she's been working too. But still, I feel really thankful that I met her because I felt that I was the only one who have been struggling at BYU. Probably, she has more on her plate because she is paying her schooling by working, but it's taking her longer. Right now, she's 27 years old.

I feel better because everyone else is getting their degrees in four to five years. This is my fourth year and still have a year and a few months if I go really hard. I really doubt that I can do that since I'm failing O-chem right now. I feel bad that I'm going to be taking more of Dad's money because it's more expensive to go slower. However, it's better than failing or getting really bad grades. Dad has been thinking about me going to BYU Idaho because we hear it's easier over there. However, I want to ruff it out and stay here. I really like having Sarah as my roommate because we are a good fit and our personalities don't come into conflict. She has become my best friend since I have been here. I really like this area too because I know it a lot bigger than Rexburg, so there's more things to do here. I hear it's a lot colder over there too. I wouldn't mind it as much as other people because I have lived in Montana for half my life, but still. I'm comfortable living here. I just want to go at a slower pace even though it's going to cost a lot more. Oh well. I just have to talk to Dad about this.

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