Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Class

Ack!!! I meant to write "yesterday" after church because I didn't write last night. Now, I have to go to bed because I have my last BJJ class at BYU tomorrow. We are going to be tested over the basics. I know that they are really simple basics and are a lot more, but that's OK. I would get a stripe too if I went to the tournament. However, I had to go to Evan's graduation instead. I need to fill out the rest of my log sheet so I don't have to do it tomorrow morning. I don't want to rush out of the door and be late. Plus, I'm going to bed really late, so I won't take a shower. This is really nice writing really late on my bed with a light on. Normally, I couldn't do this because Rebecka would be sleeping. Probably, she's with her family right now.

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