Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jiu-Jitsu Tigers

On Monday, I went to Roberto Scoca’s school. When we got there, they were talking about how the kids and teens did in the Throwdown tournament. So, I sat there and listened to them talk. Then, Taz and I sparred with one another. I kept on losing. I don’t remember any of the particular submissions that he did. I don’t think that I even won once. So, I rolled with him a good half hour. I’m learning to defend my arms from being taken over by people. Everyone still loves to take them, but I’m getting better. Then, I’m learning how to be low when I’m in their guard. I’m getting better by not letting them take the insides of my arms. If they do, I have to work them free.

After the hour was done, we waited for Roberto for about 15 minutes because he was talking to a student. So, I shadowed boxed in the mirror and punched on the free standing bags. Then, finally Roberto started class again. He had Taz spar continuously with the three of us. I thought that it was weird watching people roll because in the class at BYU, we never watch people roll as a whole class. I asked Roberto why we watch. He said that we learn when we watch. I watched a lot when I was in my very first dojo. We had to stand as straight as boards and don’t move as we watched. There we just sat on the floor and watched. Roberto helped people by pretty much speaking to them in Spanish as they rolled. I sort of wish I knew Spanish so I could understand what he was telling them.

All of us took turns to fight Taz. Then, each of us took turns to be the one who has to fight everyone. I went out pretty fast compared to the guys. I was getting somewhat frustrated because I wasn’t winning. Roberto said that I get too excited and hyperfocus on one thing. I need to be thinking three moves ahead. It finally was my turn. I still didn’t win against anyone them, but I took a lot longer to get beaten. I kept my frustration level down, so I can think more clearly. One time, I got sort of frustrated a guy was try to do an arm bar, but I had my elbow all the way out. Roberto stopped it because he thought that guy had me. I wanted keep on going. I can’t get frustrated like that because there’s no point to it. I’m trying my best and plus, all of them are guys.

After class, Roberto had all of us sit in Seiza and close our eyes (Mukso) so we can meditate. Roberto helped me to get in the proper position. By that time, my ankle really hurt. So, I was breathing pretty fast. He played some cool New Age to help us meditate. Then, we got sit cross legged. My breathing slowed way down because I didn’t hurt anymore. At first, my brain started wandering. I didn’t let it and had it focus on nothing. Then, we bowed out. After class, I told Roberto that my ankle was hurting. I first hurt in the BYU class because it hit the free standing bag with my foot instead of my shin when I threw a roundhouse. He tested which way it hurt while he moved it around. Then, he pulled and jerked it while he was moving it around. Then, my ankle popped. I don't know it helped, but it's not sore now.

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