Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love Roberto's Dojo!!!!!!!

I Love BJJ!!! Today was an awesome class!!! It was really good because that was the hardest that I have ever worked in my life! I love Roberto because he pushes me so hard in a good way. He wants us to me tired by the end of class. This was the tiredest I have ever been after class. My arms are shot!! I can feel that they don't want to move at all!! My legs are pretty good though. Today, I was huffing and puffing. I ran thirty laps which is front and back across the dojo. I did 100 crunches also. After those crunches, I abs were cramping on me when I ran. I really never did full catch my breath after than when I sparred. At one point, I focused on breathing. A few times after sparring, I had to walk around and hold by breath for two seconds to calm down my breathing. I remember after one match, Roberto said I was dieing on the floor and told me to walk around.

I'm getting better!! I lasted much longer with Tazz. He almost got me in one match a lot of times during one match. I went so long that Roberto had to call it off so other people can spar. Now, my side position is really improving which is really wonderful. I have a pretty good defense with it, which is awesome!! After class, Roberto said that he can see I know what I'm doing. I'm doing a pretty good defense because I'm not exposing my arms. I love this dojo because all we do is spar pretty much. Which is cool because it's so practical. Roberto is all about technique, getting air, and relaxing. He doesn't want us to spend so much energy when we spar. However, we spar so much that we get tired especially after exercising. Hopefully, my heart rate will improve because that was killing me today. I had lots of fun!!

I'm thankful that I know that I can be aggressive. BJJ is an outlet where I can spend my pent-up energy. I know that I can fight hard and be calm at the same time. I just can't lose my head. Oh ya. I'm not the only one that Roberto likes to work one and one. He likes to do that with everyone on his team because he wanted to work with Cory one and one tomorrow. I'm just glad that I can have lots a fun and a person who pushes me hard too. I think that's why I enjoyed my evil dojo so much, I was pushed really hard too. So hopefully, I can get stronger, get a better heart rate, and lose weight over time. I would love to get some strong abs because I know that they are pretty weak right now.

I'm just so happy that he pushes us. I know that Roberto's cares about us too. Today, I about died from a triangle choke that Tazz did to me. I just collapsed on the floor with my arm over my head and in a curled up position. Roberto ran over to see if I was alright. I just told him that I was trying to catch my breath. I think that the harder I work, the more fun I have because it's a challenge instead of something boring. I'm really glad that I found Roberto!! I hope that more classes are like the one I had tonight. I know that I'm learning so much from Roberto than with Pease or Throwdown. We don't have to learn all of these moves. We can just learn how to spar and defend ourselves. I'm thinking that I'm actually doing pretty well with almost two months of training. I've had only had two full weeks with Roberto. I'm defending myself pretty with from Pablo and Cory who are going to test for their blue belts.


ZenHG said...

Interesting stuff Lizzie. Good to see you found something where you are.
Stick with it and maybe we can spar if you ever come back this way. ;)
Personally I've always liked the groundwork in Goju Ryu and Aikido, did a little bit of BJJ and liked it, but not so much.
Good luck!

Lizzie said...

That would be cool to "spar" on the ground with you. I'm learning a lot. I don't know when I'll be back in Spokane because my family is moving. Thanks for visiting!!!