Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I finally got to strike!!!

I wish I had more time to write. I need to go to bed on time tonight. I kept on falling asleep in class today. The first hour was worse than the second. I need to get ahead again for stats. So, hopefully I'll do lots of studying tomorrow. It stinks that my headphones finally died on me. Dad says that if I buy something new, always make sure it has a warranty. I didn't know that. I bought these headphones because they were originally really expensive. On EBay they were really cheap. So, I bought them. I guess it sounds about right because they didn't last me for very long.

BJJ class was lots of fun. I'm getting better on defending from being mounted. I rolled with Chuck for a really good amount of time today. So, I wasn't always on the bottom. I got to work on other positions. Then, all of us got to put the mitts on and attack each other. The person with the mitts can only strike and not use BJJ. The other person that to fully attack striking person, take them down, and fully submit them. I submitted Pink, Tazz, and Nick (the little one who's 14 years old). I really tried to get to Chuck and take him down but couldn't. I couldn't hold on to him or get that close. He was keeping me back. He was the last one that I fought too, so I was breathing hard. It was really nice to punch and kick though. I really wanted to kick while I didn't have the mitts on, but Roberto wouldn't let me. I think I'm going to do that Tournament on August 1. I have to ask dad because it will cost 35 dollars.

Roberto started a blog on his website. He didn't write anything. In class, he said for us to comment on it. He needs to write something first, so we can comment on the blog. That's the point of it. This is what I wrote: "Ok. I know in class you said to comment on this. However, you didn't write about anything. What are you going to write about??? That would be cool if you start blogging about BJJ in general. I have my own blog that I write about what happened during class and what's going on in my life. Please change the background or the font because it's putting me off. I have to highlight to read some things. That's really bad!!! It would be easier for everyone to comment on things if you write about something."

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