Monday, June 01, 2009

Fixing my blog

Ugg. I hate my emotions right now. I feel a little depressed. Probably, it's because I have so much to do and so little time. Plus, Sarah wants to keep the pillows we had on the couch in the closet. I want at least one of them to say on the couch because I use it all the time. I don't want to put it away every time I leave. I live in the living room because that's the most time I spend my time. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen too. I've been spending more time in the library than last semester because I am more efficient with my study time. When I'm there, I know I have to study, so I don't get distracted by the internet. At home, I feel like that I can play and have fun.

Tomorrow, I have to do laundry because I got distracted yesterday when I was writing in my blog. I meant to write a lot more, but I wanted to see if I wrote about grappling in my dojo in Spokane. Then when I was looking for any entries, I noticed that my labeling wasn't that good two of three of my blogs. So, I went through almost all of my labels and fixed them, so in the future, I can find entries easier. It's hard to generalize what a blog is about. Sometimes, I use a word that I don't use in any of my other posts. So, it takes up space in the labeling column. It's hard to look for entries if I have all of these words that apply to one entry. That took probably around an hour and a half because I had to read the entries and figure out what are better labels. I really liked reading some of the entries because I haven't read them for a long time. Then, I realized that I didn't write that much about my good dojo in Spokane. I wrote a lot about my evil dojo but not my good dojo. Maybe, it's because it was really new and exciting. I know that I would have advanced further if I didn't go to institute and plus, mornings are hard for me to get up because I go to bed late like tonight. I cared more about the church and me learning than karate. I went to institute in the evenings.

Hey, Guess what!!!??? I looked at the institute website for Spokane and it looks like that Brother Manson isn't teaching anymore. He's the first institute that I had. I loved his classes because they were so good and spiritual. That's where I met and got to know Amy. I'm assuming this because his profile isn't there and another guy's profile is in his place. I really need to call Sister Barber to see how she's doing. Plus, I thought I could have lunch with her this Saturday because I'll be in Spokane. I'm so excited because I'm going to Spokane for Evan's graduation. I really want to attend the grappling/sparring class Saturday morning because I want to test my skills with Sensei Levi. I just want to say hi to Sensei Villa and tell him what I'm doing. I want to say hi to Paul to because he's a really nice guy.

I miss my bubble. I've been in it for so long where nothing really bothered me. Now, I'm in Provo living with different people who has different views from me. Like I found out that my roommates don't like my figurines. I really like them because I have collected them all of my life and they remind me of home. I really need to go to bed even though I took a nap today. I would like to go to my classes tomorrow.

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