Saturday, June 13, 2009

Which Way Should I Go??????

Gerr. So, I want to go far in BJJ. Tonight, we rolled around with people. It was lots of fun. Now I noticed that when I roll, Roberto always helps the other guys instead of me. Colin went today. It was really cool because he beat everyone in the little dojo. I talked to Roberto about Colin's performance and he said that all the knows is finishing moves, not much basics. So, I stayed for the 8:00 class and we did some conditioning. It was really good because it got my heart pumping. During the class, Roberto was talking about testing. I asked about it because I would like to go farther in BJJ. I only know how to do that through BYU and Roberto. I could get some stripes from Sensei Pease; however, what's the point in getting some stripes if I can't go far with him. He's only teaching beginners at BYU. He's not teaching anywhere else. The only purpose of going to that class is to get better and to meet guys. However, I'm thinking about time constraints and how this can effect my studying time.

Sorry, after class, I talked to Roberto about joining. He said that it costs $50 a month if I go through him. If I do that, I need to commit at least two hours of training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. I'm so torn about this because of school, institute, and FHE. I love BJJ though. I'm just thinking about what I should do. I was thinking about auditing the martial arts class and get more practice through that. However, what's the point in practicing with people who just started because I'll just get worse. Hmmm. That's a very good point. Probably, Pease is going to teach the same moves over again. I still like Roberto because he is willing for me to get better by working on my technical moves. It seems like that with Roberto, it will be more long term than with Pease, even though I think Pease is a better teacher. I'm just thinking about what's the easiest way to get farther in BJJ while not wasting my time and money. Right now, I need to focus on school too. I just love BJJ right now that I'd do anything for it.

I'm just thinking about when I became really excited about BJJ. It wasn't when I started with Pease, it was when I started with Roberto. Then, everything came into place and I started to love it even more. It's all about the quality of the teacher too. I learned that with my evil dojo compared to my good dojo. I just need a instructor that really knows the art and how to apply it. Every time I talk to Roberto about BJJ, I like his style and teaching more and more. I'm just not used to watching people all the time. I'm used to learning moves and trying to apply them. We never watch people at BYU.

So, what I'm thinking is that I should ditch Pease because the more I think about it, the more I see that I can't get really anywhere with him from what I'm seeing right now. If I ditch Pease, that means that I have more time during the day. I just need to schedule it right and have school and BJJ coincide with one another. I cannot let them get in the way of each other. That means I have to plan out my days better and not slack off. Right now, I felt that I slacked off this afternoon by reading Halo instead of studying for stats.

I just don't want to a wrong path where it doesn't lead me anywhere. I just don't want repeat the same mistake that I made in my evil dojo. I thought that Sensei Chinen one of the best in the nation. However; when I got out, I realized that I was sorely mistaken.

I'm really just conflicted about FHE and Institute though. I believe that everyone should go to that. However, put those first and didn't go very far into Goju-Ryu. FHE isn't that big of a deal because the lesson is for five minutes. However, Institute is different. I loved it in Spokane!! I know that one should to go it if they aren't taking a religion class. However, if things come up it's fine to not go to it. Physical exercise is wonderful too because it releases stress and makes the brain smarter. I'm going to talk to Dad about it and ask Roberto if this is a year contract. I've always read don't sign contracts on the internet. It's good for the business, but bad for the consumer. Well right now, I'm already spending six hours per week with just attending my BJJ class at BYU. Like I said, I would really need to keep on top of things and plan my days out. Sorry about this post. It's just I'm writing everything down which I'm thinking about. I'll know more tomorrow.

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