Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Contract

This is what I said on facebook for tonight: "I love BJJ. I got to work with Roberto tonight. I loved it!!! I just hope that I made the right choice by signing a year contract. It could be a good thing, so I can be committed to three days a week so I may go far in this art. It may be a bad thing because something may happen where I have to quit. I really hope not. I hope that he's just as good as my last Sensei. I'm little wary because of my first dojo." I wanted to say evil dojo, but people wouldn't understand.

I had so much fun today working with Roberto. I don't know why, but I really like working with him. It's probably it's because he's a black belt. I arrived a little after 6 P.M., so I was late. I had to run ten laps and do fifty sit ups. I was huffing and puffing when running those. Then, I was still huffing and puffing when I did those sit ups. Ack! I don't like sports induced asthma. When I was running laps on Friday, I could feel my chest constrict while I wheeze. It sinks because it forces me to slow down and get more air while I run around. Oh well. At least, it only acts up when I run. I wouldn't like to have my mom's where her's act up when she's around pets.

I learned today that the vice president of the UVU club goes to the dojo. I don't think he's paying for instruction yet because he's been leaving early. I think his name is Cory. He's 195 pounds. It stinks being a girl because pretty much weigh just as much as him. Because he's a guy, he gets to throw me around like nothing and I can't even do anything to him. I was trying to roll him from mount and couldn't. He rolled me pretty easily. When he left, Roberto followed him out and talked with him in his office for a long time. When he did that, all I did was watch these kids "spar". Roberto calls rolling "grappling" sparring. So, I will call that also. I got really bored and wished that Roberto would stop talking to him. I was thinking why would I pay Roberto so I can sit and watch these kids spar. I wanted more structure. However, I did that in my first dojo too.

When he came out and started working with the yellow belt who doesn't know English very well, I became much happier. His name is Pablo. We worked on takedowns. At first I didn't know what to do with him because he's much shorter than me. I didn't know how to use the takedown that I learned in my BYU class. With that one, I have to get under a shoulder, pull the hips in, and trip their foot with one of mine. From that position, we started from a bear hug. I just couldn't get under the shoulder because he's shorter. Plus, he has a long torso and short stubby legs. I couldn't my leg around his leg. So, Roberto taught me how to take him down my reaching my hand over his shoulder where I can grab his belt. With my other hand, I grabbed the middle of his gi. Then, I tripped him over with my leg while pushing his body over my leg. I worked on that for awhile.

When Pablo left, I got to work with Roberto. He taught me go past someone's arm to get their back, and get a choke. I really love working with him because he shows me all kind of things, plus I get to learn how to make things work for me. It's really cool because he doesn't try to take me down and make me submit right away. He lets me try to figure out how to submit him while resisting. If I make a mistake, he'll let me know submitting me. He showed me a really cool trick to do from mount. First, taught me how to get up high so I can key lock the arm pretty easily. He said to hold the arm down with my head. Then, he taught me an easier way to arm bar. Since, I'm on his chest with my knees in his arm pits, in one motion I get my feet to his pits my putting my hands on his chest. Then, I can do an armbar easily from there. I just really hope that I can pull that off when sparring because they just love to roll me when I'm on mount.

To be Continued in "My Life".

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