Monday, June 29, 2009

Jumping on Roberto's Back

Ugg. I'm so obsessed about BJJ. I love it!! I'm always excited about the next class. I want to write about so many thing right now. Most of them are related to BJJ, the Manti Pageant, and headphones. I wish I could just make a vlog so I can tell you everything. I finally put tracker on this blog, so I can see whether if anyone visits or not. I really thinking nobody does because no one comments on it. I do visit some blogs out there, but I don't really comment on them. Hopefully, people are doing the same thing with mine.

Since this is a blog about my obsessions, I should start with BJJ. Saturday's class was wonderful even though it was an hour to an hour and a half. I didn't check how long it was. I arrived early and found Roberto sitting on the couch. The traffic was really good. It moved quickly which I really liked. During the weekdays, the interstate sometimes have some pretty major slowdowns, which never happen in Spokane. So, I arrived 10 minutes early. So, I talked to Roberto while we waited for the other guys. Pablo and Mark, the new guy, were the only people who came. We waited a little more for Cory, but he never showed. This class was for the the people who were testing for their blue belts. They needed to practice taking down people who only strike because that's part of their testing.

The beginning of class, we ran around the dojo, army crawled a little, shrimped, did five push-ups, shrimped some more, did another five push-ups, and ended with more shrimping in that order. Then, Roberto taught Mark the armbar escape we learned on Friday. He worked with Pablo on it. Then, Mark put on the mitts to strike Pablo while Pablo was trying to take him down and submit him. I really wanted to be the person to strike because of my training in karate, but that never happened. So that stunk. I got to try takedown Mark and submit him twice. The first one was OK. The second one was horrible because he kept hitting me in the head. I had a helmet with a plastic cover on it. I really need to work on my takedowns.

Then, I had to try takedown Roberto when he had the mitts. I kept on wanting Mark and Roberto to attack me, but they never did. Twice Roberto put his hands down so I can attack him. Then, I think I tried to attack him but found out that didn't work, so I retreated. Roberto started advancing really fast to attack. It scared me, so I screamed, turned around, and ran. I know that I'm not suppose ever turn my back when sparring at my old dojo because I can't see them. Sensei Levi kept on telling me that. Then, I saw Roberto's back turned against me. So, I ran and jumped on it to choke him out. I didn't have anything setup and he submitted. I was just on his back. We both fell down and I landed on his feet. He started laughing. I got up and kicked his side lightly. I thought it was really cool that I jumped on this back.

Pablo and Mark got to spar against each other. Then, I sparred against Mark. After seeing him perform with Pablo, I knew he wasn't as good as Cory. He ended really high on my chest which is called high mount. Afterwards, I asked Roberto how to get him down and he said to use my arms. Bridging doesn't work because that scoots him more forward. I defended my arms pretty well. It took him forever to submit me. All throughout the class, Roberto was evaluating Mark to see where he was rank wise. Afterwards, he said he could test for a yellow belt. After seeing him work with Pablo and sparring with him, I knew he wasn't as good as Cory. He's more at Nick's and I level. I was a little sad because Roberto focused more on Cory and Pablo. I told myself that I shouldn't be because I got to work with him one on one on Friday night. Plus, this was the first time having class on Saturday which made it even more sweet.

Even though it was for an hour to an 1 1/2 compared to two hours, that was OK because I'd much rather have Roberto teach me any day than Colin and Ethan. Colin is the president of the BYU BJJ club. I think Ethan is the vice president or something like that. They meet every Wednesday and Saturday. I feel bad for the club because both of them are white belts. The purple belt, Eric, who founded the club moved to go to medical school. They are going to Throwdown to be taught BJJ. Ethan want to test under the BJJ teacher there. Colin wants to get his blue belt from Micheal Pease where he has to win fifteen tournament matches. I don't think he counts any more because I learned that he has a black belt in Japanese Jiu-Jistu instead of BJJ. Roberto said that JJJ requires more muscle than BJJ. Probably, Colin will get is blue belt faster if he goes to Roberto instead of Pease.

My testing is going to be two weeks from now, which is July 11. I'm totally excited for it because I haven't tested for quite awhile for anything. So, we are required to bring two people to it. I would bring Sarah and Rebecka, but there's a relief society enrichment activity on that day. I asked my home teachers which are Bryton and Joel if they are willing to come. They said yes. I just need to tell them the time to come and where it is. I told them that there would be free food. Joel said that he's going to wear his dad's old karate gi to it. It wouldn't surprise me because he's really weird.

I knew I would only write about one thing because it always ends up like this. This hasn't happened to me for awhile though. I still need to write about the Manti Pageant though.

I looked up high mount defense on the internet. This is what I came up with:

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