Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting startled twice a day

I just got done watching a Gentleman's Game with Sarah. It was really good because it kept me interested. I thought it would be boring because it's a movie about golf. However, it was keeping turning to places that I didn't really expect. Sarah said it's your typical underdog story. I thought it was different because I never watch sport movies. However, it's Rated R. I found out right after the movie ended. It doesn't surprise me because it has a fair amount of language. We were going to watch the Basketball Diaries which is Rated R too; however, it had way too much swearing. I don't like swearing because I know that it drives the spirit away. I'm really glad I'm more sensitive to movies now. However, I'm not proud that I watched a Rated R movie because I made a promise to myself that I won't watch any. However, I didn't know so I think I'm off the hook.

I spent a little more than nine hours in the library today. I'm so happy because I needed to spend that time on O-chem. I still need to go through a chapter and a half and the practice test. So, hopefully I'll be there just as long tomorrow. I don't know though because it's late and I need to go shopping tomorrow. I'm just really glad that Dad told me that I needed to find a spot in the library where I can study. I found that spot and really like it because I don't get distracted, listen to my music as loud as I want on my computer speaker, and can sing as loud as a I want. It's really nice because at home I don't want to annoy anybody with my music. We are on top of each other in this apartment. I can do all of that stuff because I'm in a little study group room. It's sort of funny. Twice a day, I get startled because the library has this little jingle before it announces that I can't check anything out at 10:46 and it's closing at 11:46. It's terrible because I know it's coming and I still get startled. I think its because the speakers are really, really loud. After they announce that the library is closing, they have music blaring through the speakers. I can still hear it when I'm in the elevator. When, I was taking a break, I was looking for some really old books. I think I held one that was made in the late 1700's, if not at least 1850's. It was really cool. However, it got boring because pretty much all of them were in German, I think anyways.

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