Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm happier today

Today was much better than the last two days. I worked more throughout the day today. It was really good because I went to lecture for O-chem, but I didn't understand it all. So, I really need help with O-chem. I probably have to form some kind of study group and find the TA's and have them teach me. I just need one on one with somebody and have them teach me because I think this worked today when I got tutored with Drew. He noticed I stopped going to lecture because he's the one who helps the professor. So, I was thinking that if I'm somewhat successful this term by getting better grades through my tests while keeping up, I can stay. However, I really need to keep on top of things and self discipline myself. I have been doing good with that because I've been trying not to waste time. I have been a little lax with myself today because I took a two and half hour nap after grappling. I'm more hopeful today after working with Drew. I still need to work on the Central Limit Theorem and Large Number Theory. So, I want to ask Dad if I can work with another tutor for an hour tomorrow to catch anything I have problems with. I just need to go through everything or pretty much everything. Ugg, I'm not good at this. I'm just glad that I'm more hopeful now. I don't know about O-chem but I'm more hopeful about stats. I'm glad that I didn't get stressed out and depressed today.

I need to talk about grappling before I forget. Like always, I need to work on attacking. I'm not an aggressive person. I always haven't been since I was a young teenager. I remember dad telling me to be more aggressive when I played basketball. I think I wasn't especially aggressive today because I've had a hard week. So, I had another match against Rachel where she won. Then, I had a match against Josh where it was a draw. He was keeping attacking and I had a good defense. Then, Colin worked with me and taught me a few things where I'm keeping having problems. I'm having lots of problems getting out of the guard. They are keeping pulling my arms or sweeping me. So, he said to swim out of guard my keeping my hands in their arm pits and my head to the side. Then, I keep on swimming down and twist my hips to break. If that doesn't work, I need to sit up and break it. Then, I trap their legs my rapping my arms around theirs just below the knees and slide into side mount.

Another position that I found myself constantly in is where I'm in this half side mount where they have my leg trapped with their legs. So, I don't know what to do. I try on one of their arms, but it doesn't work. Colin says that I have to get into a full mount or a side mount. I grab their gi and try to choke them. While they are distracted with that, I'll push my leg out with my other hand by pushing their leg. I think that I practiced a good hour after class because I got home at 3:15.

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