Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just watched Taken with Liam Neeson. I started liking him as an actor when I watched Batman Begins. That was a really good movie and he played as an excellent bad guy. Now, in this movie he's a very good good guy. He's an excellent actor. I think he just became my favorite actor now because I haven't one for a long time. I'm very impressed with the stunts he does because he's older. It about a father trying to get back his daughter because she was abducted for human sex trafficking. I really liked Taken because it's exactly the type of book I would read. It has violence, killing, kidnapping, and torture. At the very end, it reminded me of Splinter Cell because he was sneaking around on a boat. The fight scenes were all right. I just wish that the camera would stop jumping all over the place because I want to see that natural progress of the fight like in martial art movies. I know they move it all around because it makes us think that the fighters actually have some skill and that they are really fighting. I didn't like the car chase scenes because of exactly the same thing. The camera was needlessly going all over the place. It got really annoying.

I really got into the movie and it really entertained me. Thus, there were some parts I wanted to flap my wings. I was with Sarah in a movie theater so I keeping jumping out of my seat instead. After the movie, I apologized that I get like that when I get really excited. It's an autistic trait that hasn't gone away. I have done it since I was little. When I get really excited, I flap my wings because it calms me down. I know that it looks really, really weird. That's why I try not to but it's really hard to stop. For long while, I didn't do it as much. Probably, it's because I didn't watch any good movies or read any good books. I remember when I was working in at the Bank of America reading the last book of Harry Potter. It was at a really exciting part that made me really want to flap wings. So, I looked around me to see if anybody would see. There wasn't anybody around, so I flapped my wings. :-p

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