Friday, May 29, 2009

I pulled through with stats!!!!

Well, I'm happy because I got around a 76% on my stats test. Those tutors really helped!!! Yesterday morning, I thought I was going to fail my stats test like my O-chem, however through three hours of tutoring, I came to understand the material and pull through. I thought did better when I was taking the test but that's OK. That's an OK score for BYU. So, my strategy worked for stats but it didn't for O-chem. Probably, that's because I need someone to help me in it like stats. I would have written more today, but I wanted to order a food scale from Amazon. It makes me mad that I'm one cent off of getting free shipping. So, I was looking all around the site for anything cheap, but didn't find anything. It took forever. I need to find Rhea and Evan some birthday presents. Rhea reminded of that today when I called her.

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