Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Watching Stargate SG1 and the Big Fight

I totally need to do my homework. I've sort of waste four hours today. For an hour, I watched Stargate SG1. I was planning on only watching for only 20 min today. However, I watched an extra episode because it was where at the end of the third season and it was to be continued. So, I watched the first episode of the forth season. I like that type of episodes because they are different from your average episodes. They occasionally make really good episodes in the middle of the season too. I like them because they aren't predictable. Some of the ones that they do are so predictable it's not even funny because they have done episodes with a similar plot line. The episodes I like move the overall encompassing plot along which is much more interesting than a mini plot which doesn't really have any consequences.

So, I really enjoyed my grappling class today. I really liked it because we learned how to do take downs. Then, practice was really fun. The first match I did was against Colman who is 210 pounds. He's the biggest guy in our class. He beats me every time with an arm bar which I can get out of. The first thing, he did was try to guillotine me when I tried to take him down. In my last dojo, I was keeping getting guillotined. So, I asked a guy at work which did MMA and he said to drop into squat while you push on their hips. (I can't believe that I forget his name. I think it's still there. However, I don't know though. I finally remembered his name. It's Chris Charnos.) When the kid tried to guillotine me again, I did what the guy said and it worked. It almost didn't work when I tried to get out of it. I was at the point I couldn't breathe so sort of jumped my lifting my feet in the air and I popped out. He could have went down on top of me because I fell on my butt, but he let me up. We went down again and tried to put me in an arm bar. So, I stuck my leg in between and he did an ankle lock instead. The second time I went up against him, I almost did a rear naked choke however, he pulled the choking hand and flipped me over because I was off the ground on his back. I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't get hurt because I rolled. When I was thinking about that, I didn't defend myself and he went on top of me on side. I gave up by then because I couldn't breathe at all. He was on my chest. So, he got an easy arm lock.

Then, I went up against Rachel. We're becoming friends because I like to practice with her after class. It was pretty easy because I had her in a standing guillotine. Then she fell on her back which made her tap out. It went pretty quickly. My final match was with Brodie who's 140 pounds. He's always taking me down my getting underneath my arms and sucking my hip inward and making me fall down. Rachel and Colman were watching. So, Colman pretty much coached me when I was fighting him. That was the hardest and longest match ever because both of us got tired. There were some instances I wanted to breathe and rest. But, Colman said that I should continue because I was on top. I was keeping trying to get past his guard which worked a few times. However, I couldn't hold it because he'd flip me. Then, I'd flip him and we were back the same spot. I was very glad that Colman was there to egg me on because I don't think I could have lasted as long. Then, finally Colman switched sides because I was on top almost the whole match. When he did that, Brodie flipped me and got me in an arm bar. Gerrr. Oh well. I think that I'm doing better than sparring that's for sure. I suck at that because I don't have very good balance. I've noticed that I'm not very aggressive. However, I became very aggressive with Brodie because I was fighting him with all of my strength. One moment of the fight, I wanted to take some kidney shots because they were open when I was in his guard.

Well, I have written quite enough. I really need to do my homework. It seems like that there isn't enough time in a day because it's already 7:30. I also have been skipping my classes so I can study. However, I need to work on studying earlier. I wanted to study as soon as possible. However, time just slipped away. I'm not very good at planning because I don't know how long things take me. With homework, I always work on it until I get done.

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