Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots of fun

I went to the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club today. It was tons of fun!!! I went last semester but wasn't really impressed because I come from a karate background. There's no strikes or hits involved with BJJ. Because of that, they don't take hits or anything like that what I learned in my grappling class with Sensei Levi. So, I thought that it would teach me habits that would get me into trouble if I got into a real life situation. Plus, the highest belt in the club is a purple belt which I think is OK, but I'd rather have a black belt teach me. I know that's different for all schools and styles, but for the rule of thumb it's better for a black belt to teach. At the same time, throughout my martial arts career, I have taught too because when I learn something and know it, I teach it to someone else who is having a difficult time with it. However, that greatly diminished in my last dojo because I'd almost always work with people who are higher than me. At the same time, if I worked with a lower belt, I would teach and help them. There is always a chance that you teach them the wrong way if you understood it wrong. That's what happened in my evil dojo, they would teach wrong techniques that wouldn't make sense body positioning wise. I knew that when Sensei Chinen would say that he was teaching self defense, I knew I wouldn't be able to defend myself for the life of me.

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