Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking tests

I should be in bed by now. I have wasted four hours tonight. Hopefully, they won't come and haunt me tomorrow because I have a test to study for that if I would take it right now, I would fail it. So tomorrow, I'm going to skip my classes again and head to the stats lab for help. Rhea and Evan says to not skip classes. Sarah says that skipping class doesn't matter. With me, I'm more leaning to the skipping class part because I do better doing things on my own instead of listening about it even though it can help sometimes. I just really hope that I can pull off tomorrow and all of my studying done. I feel that I did alright with my O-chem test. I got a 75% on the multiple choice part. I really hope that I did well on the written part. I had to completely change my study habits for this test. I actually studied from the book!!! I went over some problems today and they actually helped. So, I'm going to study more from the book. I'm just wondering for both of these classes, I'll learn better reading and doing things by myself instead of going to class. I haven't done that before because I don't like skipping class. Obviously, I need to study a lot more than what I was doing. I haven't had one on one time with O-chem and stats. I have been putting off my stats homework and copying the answers saying that I'll go over them later. Now, the test is tomorrow. At least, I have all day to study for it. Then, I'll take it tomorrow night. Wish me luck and pray that I don't stress out too bad. I have been freaking out the last few days because I don't want to fail any of my tests. I almost did with my neuroscience test last quarter. I don't want to come that close again. I got a break where I had to go to class. So, I studied for a few hours, came back, and finished the test. I don't know if that was OK or not, but it sure saved my butt. Probably, it wasn't OK because I had an unfair advantage over my classmates, but oh well.

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