Thursday, May 21, 2009

Studying for tests and getting ticketed

I went to the library yesterday. However, it was much later than I wanted to because I arrived eight to eight thirty. Then when I started studying, I started really freaking out because I have so much to study and so little time. I'm still behind in stats and O-chem. I have three chapters to read through and the practice test to go over before Tuesday. My O-chem test starts tomorrow and ends on Tuesday. Then, I have my stats test starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday. I have so much to go through. I'm really trying to manage and plan my day out better. So, I know that I'll study all day today. However, I did sleep for ten hours. I meant to get up at 10; however I didn't want to. So, I turned off my alarm and rolled over.

I dreamed a fair amount this morning. I just wish that I can remember my dreams easier because when I wake up, I have to focus about what I was dreaming out so I can remember it later. If not, I forget and it takes me awhile to remember again. I remember Evan and his friends broke and stole something at a gas station or some kind of store while I was with them. Then, they ran and I was caught. So, I got a ticket.

Then, I remember going through the backyards of all of these houses. Then, I got trapped because somehow I went by a fence or something that had a really mean dog. My only other path was blocked by a few mean dogs too. So, I had to knock on the back door of the owners so I can be let out. Then, I remember going through a really nice house. I knew that I wasn't suppose to be in it because it wasn't mine and nobody was home. Then, I looked through the house that looked like a really nice cabin. Then, when I left the house one of the doors wouldn't shut. For some reason, I went through the house and tried to shut the door again. Then, I think I tried another door and it shut. Then, I ran. However, there were guards dogs that I thought were after me. At first, they weren't because they didn't know what I had did. Then after walking a little bit, found out that the house was trespassed. So, the dogs caught my scent and they caught me. Then, I got another ticket. I was wondering how I was going to pay those tickets because dad is the only source of my income right now.

It seems like that I love to all of a sudden jump locations in my dreams. I don't really notice though. The only time I sort of know I'm dreaming is when I dream the same dream. If I do that, I make variations and change the dream a bit because I know what's going to happen. This time, I knew I've been at the nice house part.

Anyways, it took me a little while for me stop freaking out in the library. That wasn't productive because all I did was waste time. I couldn't focus on my homework because I was wondering if I can do it all in this time period. I was really overwhelmed with everything. Then, I started think how I was a failure compared to other students at BYU. Then, I was thinking about my workload at SCC and thought I was doing pretty good.

What really doesn't help is that I'm running out of food. Two of thing foods that I cooked on Sunday, I didn't like. Which means that I need to go shopping tomorrow and cook on Saturday. What really doesn't help that it's Memorial Weekend too. I would love to do something fun and probably, Sarah is going to too. However, it looks like that I have to say "no" to anything she wants to do because I need to study and cook more food for the coming week. I need a digital scale for my food because since I'm cooking, I don't know how many calories I'm eating a day. So, I haven't lost anything the last few weeks.

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