Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Perm

So, I want a perm. I'm tired of my hair being frizzy all the time. I know that I'm a girl and should always look pretty. I'm just not interested in doing my hair every day. I always haven't and probably never will. Right now, I'm brushing my hair and leaving every morning. I know that I should do more than that. However, I don't care and don't have that much time. This is why I want a perm again because it's very easy and looks very good on me. I love my hair curly like that. Sarah strongly opposes me getting a perm. I want to talk to mom about it because I'm going to be in Spokane in a month for Evan's graduation. I wish I wasn't a girl sometimes because I have to be forced to do my hair. I know the purpose of looking good all the time, however; it's not an interest of mine. If I'm not interested in it, I likely won't do it.

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