Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Violence and Sex

So, I gave myself enough time to write to day. Then, I got distracted watching a TV show on the internet called the Deadliest Warrior because Ikigai wrote about the coming episode. So, I became interested and watched the latest episode which about 42 minutes. Now, I'm passed my bedtime. The show is cool; however, it's very violent too. I'll probably watch some more because I'm really desensitized to violence on TV. However, since I'm getting better by not watching Rated R movies and not very good PG-13's, I'm getting more and more sensitive to things. For example, I just watched "Save the Last Dance". I know that I watched that in high school and back then, I watched Rated R movies too. Now, I that's the last time I'm going to watch it because how the movie portrayed sex and rule breaking. I know that I'm much more sensitive to sex than to violence, but I'm getting better. Probably, anyone who's not Mormon or even some Mormons wouldn't even understand this post. I don't care because I know that we are commanded that we shouldn't watch that type of things. When, I really think about it, probably I shouldn't watch the Deadliest Warrior too. I still want to watch another one anyway.

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