Monday, May 11, 2009

Trying to manage my time in Provo

I need to learn to manage my time more wisely. I talked to Mom today because I wanted to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Plus, I haven't talked to her for awhile. I told her that recently I have been wanting to isolated like I was in Spokane because I could just focus on my school work and not get distracted at all. It was really simple there because many times, I chose not to do fun things because of homework. Now, I'm the opposite because I'm not isolated anymore. Plus, I'm cooking, doing laundry at a laundry mat, and going grocery shopping. So, my time is much more limited. It's stressing me out because I'm not doing my homework. I've been going to class and going to all the labs I can for O-chem and Stats. However, I'm still not doing much of anything outside of homework. I have two tests which I will probably take this Wednesday and Thursday. I've been freaking out about them since Thursday because I haven't and still haven't studied for them yet. It's hard because I love to get distracted. So, mom said that I should isolate myself in the library and study there. I like that I idea. I need to study pretty hard the next few days. Life was much simpler in Spokane.

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