Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm stressing out again :(

Now, I'm stressed again because I didn't study today. I had to go shopping so I can eat for the coming week. That took around five hours because I had to find everything I was looking for. Then, an hour to find space in the refrigerator and eat. By the time, I was done it was 9:00 P.M. Sarah convinced me to make an apperance at an Enrichment Activity next door. However, I stayed for the whole thing because we watched Kung Fu Panda. Then, we talked for about an hour. After that, Sarah and I went to Burger King to get something to eat.

Now, it's 2am in the morning and I haven't gotten any studying done. I'm really glad I have Monday. However, I don't know if I can pull of a chapter and a half of reading. I still want to go over that practice test. I still have stats to do and that test is on Thursday. Why does school have to stress me out so much? When I get stressed like this, I imagine myself failing and going to an easier school. Or go back living with my parents where I'm isolated. I'm so stressed because of these stupid tests. They are so hard!!! I'm trying so hard too. Everyday I've been in the library studying. Two days this week, I could have gone a little sooner so I could have gotten more studying done. I wish school would come easier to me. I have to study so much. Plus, I have a huge workload that I'm not used to. I'm just hoping that I can do this. However, since these last tests, I've been a little skeptical. However, I've been comparing myself to me a year ago and I'm doing pretty well because I'm trying do manage my time and surviving without my family. Oh how I miss them, especially when things become hard and stressful.

I just think that my workload for O-chem is hard enough and I added stats on top of all of this. I'm managing my time a lot better than last semester because I'm spending a lot less time goofing around and more time studying. I just wish school was easier and not so demanding of my time. I've been saying this since last semester. I just can't believe how hard school is. It's even harder because there are all kinds of distractions. That's why I love the library. It's because I'm isolated from everyone and I can get lots of studying in. I may be just taking too much also because I doubled my workload. Plus, we are going at a speed which is twice as fast even though it's half the credits. I'm just all stressed because I've never faced this type of situation for school before. I've always gotten really good grades and not stress this much about school. I never stressed this much about tests. I just feel like that I'm going to fail these classes because the workload is too much. If I had just O-chem or stats, I would be fine. However, I'm taking these two hard, time intensive classes. I just really hope that I can make it through these tests next week.

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