Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Manti Pageant

Well, now I have time to write about the Manti Pageant. Manti is two hours away from Provo. We went last Saturday night, which was the last night it was showing. I drove because Sarah isn't good with big crowds when driving. She paid for gas and food which was really nice. I acquired the address from the internet. She put it in her GPS system. When we arrived where the GPS system said where it was at. We were in a town over called Sterling. We drove around in circles trying to figure out where to go. I just ended up just driving to Manti which was seven miles away. Then, we parked the car and followed the throngs of people.

The Manti Temple is so pretty. It's pretty cool because one can see it from a distance. It's on a hill. So, while I was trying to find Sterling's name on Google map, I ran across some Anti-Mormon Youtube videos. The first video I watched has some actual footage of the pageant. I didn't mind that video because he wasn't really attacking the church. Then, I watched some videos of the protesters at the Manti pageant of past years. Those were bad. One even mocked us. He was mocking that our spirit children is going to worship us like we do to God. Then, I watched this hour and half video for 15 minutes why Mormons leave the church. This lady was saying they leave because of the problems inside the church, mostly historically. This lady reminded me of Grandma in someways. While I was watching these videos, a bad and uncomfortable feeling came over me.

These type of people make me upset because they don't understand the church. I know the church is the only true church. I know that most of these people don't know what they are talking about. I don't like the other churches because they don't make sense. Through reading studying the BOM and reading the Work and the Glory Series, I know that Joseph Smith did not make that up. I mean it's impossible!! I've had countless times where the Holy Ghost has told me something was true or not. I know that I have to the power to know what's right or wrong. Anti-Mormons teach intolerance. They don't do this to other religions like Muslims. It's just retarded.

Anyways, the players were up on a hill. So, we can only see people who were far away. That made it uninteresting when they didn't move at all. The actors had to over emphasize their movements which made it look really funny. It made me laugh because it reminded me of learning about Melodrama in my Theater class at SCC. All of the dialog and music was recorded in the 1970's. In the beginning, it was really cheesy. Then when it told some stories about the BOM, it became much better. I really liked how it showed Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the first vision. There was a really bright light and a pillar of light shining in the sky. I knew that was just a spotlight but it didn't look like one. The Angel Moroni and Jesus Christ look really white and bright which was really cool. The fire was really cool during the destruction when Jesus died. I just don't know how they made Angel Moroni shimmer and be a white that was on top of the temple. That was pretty cool.

After the pageant, it took us forever to find the car because we ended up following the wrong people. Thus, we went the wrong way from the start and went way too far in one direction. We we had to backtrack and start from the beginning. It was really nice to drive because it reminded me of Montana. When I was in Spokane, I didn't travel that much. So, I've been pretty much in the city these last four years. So, it's really nice to be out in the country.

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mshreves said...

Many of the "Protesters" are Ex LDS and most know quite a bit about Mormonism. They are missionaries from other churches from all over America. 99.9% are there because of their love of the Mormon people. If there is a protest its against false teaching not Mormons themselves.
It's just the missionaries coming to peoples houses sharing what they believe.
I wish the missionaries would come and stand outside our churches, that would be welcome!
I love the idea of freedom of speech.
I have been going to the pageant for over 17 years, and have seen that most all the Mormon people get along with us and many thankful for Christians being there. Especially the local people.
Looking forward to being there again this year!