Wednesday, July 22, 2009

62 lengths

I love this little gadget which I put on my blog. It tells me if anyone reads blog and where they are from. So far, the post that's visited the most is the Northwest Profiles that featured my evil Sensei, Teruo Chinen. I have five different Google entries that have searched for him. I guess he's pretty popular. Then, just today some one had these search words that brought up my previous post, "knee between his legs". I wonder why someone wanted to search for those exact words. They sound kind of awkward. I just don't know how long these visitors are stay and read my posts.

Well, I swam tonight. I swam the breast stroke for an hour. I was shooting for 72 lengths which equals a mile, but swam for 62 lengths instead because the pool closed. I think that I did very well. That didn't try doing any freestyle this time. I just focused on going back and forth in the pool as fast as I can. At first, my heart rate went up. As time went on, my heart and breathing rate became pretty normal because when I rested on the side of the pool, I wasn't breathing hard. I'm assuming that because I became tired and slowed down my pace. I was getting tired of opening my eyes all the time because of the chlorine. I noticed that I go all over my lane. If someone swims in my same lane going the other way, I'm afraid I'll kick them. I need to get some goggles.

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