Saturday, July 04, 2009

Back Choke Videos

I'm so happy. Why??? Because Roberto filmed some videos and put them on Youtube. I'm the only girl and adult in the class at that time. This was filmed on Wednesday. This is some of the things we were drilling on. I'm so glad that he filmed this and we got to practice it because he said these are blue belt chokes. Oh ya... Today, we did chokes from turtle. I always wait until I feel the choke. One of the chokes that Pink "Alonzo" gave to me, I waited a little too long. I didn't pass out or anything like that. When I got up, I felt dizzy, lightheaded, and tingly. It was a little different from just getting up too fast. That hasn't happened to me before.

During class, I asked Roberto how long it took him to get a black belt. He said it took him 12 years. He said that people who start older don't get black belts because their bodies don't respond like they'd used too. He said that I'm young enough to get it. I think that if one tries their hardest and their best of their ability when they are older, they should get a black bet. He said that it's easier to get a black belt in Karate or anything else because that's when it one really starts to learn about their art. I heard that before on the internet and through my training. I know at Gene Villa's dojo, it takes about five years. It seems like when one is a black belt in BJJ they have to know everything. During testing, they have to beat another black belt twice their size or 100 pounds heavier. Sarah says that I shouldn't say BJJ on Facebook because BJ stands for Blow Job. Anyways, it seems like that I need to do something to my hair because it looks terrible in the videos. I already knew that though because it always gets really messy during class. Ya, my hair looks really terrible. Hmmm. Maybe, I should try some pig-tails because a normal ponytail doesn't work.

This is a Back Arm-bar from Back Choke:

This is a Back Peruvian Choke:

I really liked this choke because it was really easy compared to the others.

This is a Back Choke Triangle:

At the end of the video, I wasn't sure what we were doing. I'm not used to the ending like that. I want to put my fists in front of me first with my feet in a normal stance, then put my hands flat on my sides with my feet together, and then bow. That's how I did it in my previous dojo. Now, it seems like it's backwards which doesn't make sense. Sorry that these videos are a little boring. I would get bored watching them if I wasn't in them.

You can hear Roberto's voice in the background. During class, Roberto said that we should swim 4,000 meters each week. I asked him if I could do the Breast Stroke. He said no because it only uses the legs and arms. The crawl is much better because it uses the whole body. I need to have Sarah look at my crawl because it sucks. I never do it because I love the Breast Stroke. Roberto said that I should to 2,000 meters one day and the other 2,000 the next day. I want to be on the team because Roberto wants to train us in the gym, like Gold's Gym. He hasn't done that yet because he needs to find a gym first. The more and more I'm going to this dojo, the more I'm falling in love with it. I'm trusting Roberto more and more too. I talked to him about the Tournament on August 1 at Throwdown to see how he feels about it. I wanted to go, but I didn't want it to be a waste of money and time if I lost my two matches. He said that I can go if I want to, but he feels that I'm not ready yet. He said that I may be ready for the next one.

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