Friday, July 24, 2009

No One Wanted to Train with Me

I'm hot and tired. It's eighty six degrees in this house right now. My body is really sensitive to temperature changes. I get hot and sweaty at eighty five degrees and goosebumps at seventy degrees. It seems like that I get colder and hotter than everyone else.

I was going to do what I was suppose to like doing more homework. However, when Rebecka kicked me out of the bedroom so she could sleep, I watched Rocko's Modern Life instead on Youtube. I remember watching that show when I was a kid. It was a nineties Nickelodeon show. Probably, I watched a good hour and a half of it today. I shouldn't have done that because I still need to do stats. I decided to skip my exercising for today so I can get more studying done and can go on a hike on Saturday. I'm just really hoping that I'll get all the studying I want to get done tomorrow.

I don't want to do any homework on Saturday. I'm a little hesitant going on the hike because probably I'll stay up too late because they are leaving at six am and going to die of the heat. Whenever I walk outside, I say to myself that I'd hate hiking or even walking in the heat. However, I being out in the woods and climbing mountains. My cardio should be better since I'm been doing BJJ. I really hope so because when I hiked up the Y, I was the slowest one because of my huffing and puffing.

I had my second BJJ dream today when I took a two hour nap. It was pretty cool because I beat some young guys who were smaller than me. Plus, I beat them when two came at me at once. I was a some kind of tournament. Only, Roberto was there. There were others from our dojo, but I didn't recognize them. The other team was pretty impressed with my skills and called me an important name. All of a sudden, I found out they were talking about Pinky. I wanted to practice for my match. I asked my team members, but they wouldn't help. I asked the opposing team, but they didn't want to either. I really wanted to talk to Roberto so someone could train with me. However, I felt that I needed to ask one more time. Then, I woke up on laying on my back. It was a cool dream.

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