Friday, July 03, 2009

My First Jog

Ya, no reads or visits this blog except me. Oh well. I write this blog for me anyways. I ran for thirty five minutes and did my nightly workout. I like my workout better than jogging. I was getting annoyed with my breathing and my glasses were keeping sliding down my nose. After that, I wanted to go swimming, but couldn't because I haven't gotten a new ID yet. When I got home, I was thankful that I didn't because my body was tired. I two to three push-ups in each set. My arms are tired and not that strong. My abs were complaining because of last night when I did crunches. I just really hope that I'll continue doing this especially running. Right now, I'm motivated because I don't want to lose any hours of training. I love BJJ. That love is making me do things I don't like. I hate running. It's boring because all one does is run around in a big circle.

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Brittney said...

Keep on running, it gets eaiser! :)