Monday, July 06, 2009

My First BBJ Dream

I feel better now. I think that I was just really tired. I slept for nine hours today. I had lots of dreams this morning. I just hate that they like to escape from my memory so quickly. I did have a dream grappling with Chris Charnos, a trucker from Food Services of America that I loved to talk to in Spokane. Chris is really into MMA and Filipino martial arts. He said that he trains other people. I'm pretty sure he knows how to grapple too. So, I had on this slippery clothing when I sparred with him in the dream. This was my first BJJ dream that I can remember. A few times, I've had dreams where I used ASL.

Ack!! I don't like this mat burn. It taking forever to heal. Right now, it's itchy. I want to itch it, but I know I can't. If it didn't itch, I would be fine with it.

Oh, good news!!! Sarah will be able to go to my testing on Saturday!! She's going to embarrass by making a sign like they do in WWE. I hoping that Rebecka can come and watch too. I need to call Joel and Bryton to tell them when they what time I test and where it is. I can't wait until tomorrow night. I want to do BJJ right now. I talked with Sarah about swimming. She said that I could do the backstroke because it pretty much the same thing. She says that I should still run too. I'll ask Roberto about the backstroke because it's easier than the crawl.


Alexandra Smith said...

Lizzie! I'm going to follow your blog now! i love blogs. hope you're doing great!!!

Alexandra Smith said...

Lizzie! I'm going to follow your blog now! hope you're doing great! keep running, girlfriend!

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