Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stretching and Aikido

This is sort of going to be a continuation from yesterday's post. One can tell that I had so lots of fun yesterday by how much I wrote. I just thought it was really cool of all the things that Roberto told me to do actually worked on others. Yesterday, I did a rear naked choke. I didn't try very hard to finish it. Instead, I took really deep breaths and it worked. Yesterday, I sparred a lot more than normal too. We normally take turns and watch the others spar. I probably sparred for more than an hour without a break. It was really good because I didn't get tired right away. I relaxed all throughout my matches, even Ethan noticed.

I noticed that was more comfortable for people being in my mount instead of side mount. I don't know how to escape from side except shrimping. My worst positions having someone in my guard and being in someone else's guard. I was having trouble breaking them. It funny when I stood up in Colin's guard, he told me to not have my legs that wide because if I do, he could grab my ankles and knock me down. That's exactly opposite what Cory told me to do if I stand up. It doesn't help that I don't have great balance when I stand up either.

I was thinking that if I have choice to wear a gi or not in a tournament, I think I'll wear a gi because I'd have better defense against an armbar. It much easier to hold on to my lapel instead of my tee-shirt. However, it's much easier for my opponent to choke me with my gi too. I'd have to ask Roberto for the next tournament if I have a choice to wear it or not. Ethan, Brent, and Colin defend armbars by holding on to there other hand. Coach Pease taught me to do that to until Roberto taught me an easier way. Holding on to one's gi, blocking your training partner's leg from coming over, trapping the leg with one's head, going over the trapped leg, and then getting to someone's guard sounds a lot better than trying to yank your arm free or hitchhiker the way out.

I noticed during class, Roberto teaches to bounce when we stretch. I never bounce when I stretch. I remember a long time ago, someone told me not to do that. So, I looked online to see if I was right. I was. They said it's doesn't help at all because it produces little micro tears and scar tissue. It doesn't allow the body to stretch. The next time we stretch in class, I'm not going to bounce. The internet also says it shouldn't be painful either. I remember that one day where Roberto stretched us where it was really painful. Roberto is only 29 years old and he has a really bad knee and somewhat bad upper back. I want to take care of my body the best I can. I don't want to be in constant pain when I get older. I would like to push my body beyond it's limit a little. Then, it can rest, recuperate, and then have a greater endurance level. I would like to avoid over training. That's why I try of avoid all the bad things which are in processed foods. I'm doing alright, however I've been much more lenient because I'm exercising and don't have that much time to cook.

Friday night, Roberto taught a little Akido. It pretty much consisted of grabbing another person's hand and then wrist locking them down to the ground. I've done this before in karate. I felt more at home when he was teaching us because it involved a little punching and things that I have trained in for years. Plus, I noticed that I automatically put other hand above my face to protect myself. That was totally from karate. Once, when Roberto got me on the ground, he showed Cory what types of chokes one could do from there. When Roberto tried two, they didn't work. So, he just shoved his fist into my throat which makes me tap every time. He said those other chokes didn't work because I'm pretty strong. I have no clue why I have a pretty strong neck.

After Aikido, Roberto taught us a simple choke that we could do from the guard. I really like it because it uses my flexibility in my legs. Before I forget, last week I asked Roberto if I was pretty flexible. He asked me if I could to the splits. I said no. Then, he said I'm not that flexible. That surprised me because all my life, I've known that I'm more flexible than the average person. Sezia is getting better. Before, I really hurt. Now, it feels like that it's only stretching my ankles, which makes it way more tolerable. I think it's from being in someone's guard because we sit in sezia when we are in that position.

Anyways, the choke consisted of someone trying to break my guard my putting their hand back behind them toward my feet. Let say he uses his left hand. I use my left hand to grab the opposite lapel near his neck. Then, move my right foot over his head to the left side of his throat. I can finish him by a choke. Chuck said it's easier to have both hands grab opposite lapels so it's harder to detect. I need to start working this choke and make it work because it's really simple and easy.

After writing my very long post yesterday, I took a nap. While I was dreaming, I had my third BJJ dream. I don't remember much about it. I think I was drilling with someone and it had to do a lot with the arms and hands.

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