Monday, July 20, 2009

Dad said no about Gold's Gym :(

I really need to go to bed. I didn't write last night because I had a headache which prevented me to write and forced me to go to bed. I read two verses in my scriptures and had to stop because my head hurt. I really wanted to write yesterday, but couldn't. This is still late Sunday to me so you wouldn't get confused. Yesterday, I went to my first BJJ tournament and saw the new Harry Potter movie. I've been really thinking about BJJ the yesterday and today because Dad said now about the Gold's Gym. He said I'll become overwhelmed and my schoolwork will suffer. I really wanted to write after I talked to him to defend myself. I was so excited about it that I cried after he said no.

I'm in love with BJJ right now. No joke. I got really excited at the prospect that I could work with Roberto and do BJJ everyday. Even Roberto said I will even join them. So, I need to talk to Roberto to see what he says. I really want to train everyday right now. Probably, I can do it everyday in the summer. However, I don't know about it during the fall. It wouldn't make sense to pay the sign up fee and pay for a month, then end up not doing it. Plus, I'm going to be gone at the end of August for two weeks. I just really hope that Roberto and I can put together a scedule for me on Tuesday's and Thursdays. It would be really nice for him to train me like the guys because he pushes me a lot harder than I push myself. However, I know sometimes I can't put so much time into BJJ because of school. Plus, I'm only taking one class.

I just want to learn BJJ as fast as possible. I know that Roberto wants to train people for tournaments. I need to get good enough to win them because it doesn't make sense for me to go to them and lose all the time. I suck right now because I'm still a beginner. That would be a waste of money and valuable time. I just need to see what Roberto says about all of this. He sees that I'm very committed in this art because I love it so much. Hopefully, we can solve this problem. I know when they start training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'll be really inching and wishing that I could be there training too. That's why I became upset when Dad told me no. I'm OK now. However, I might start crying with I talk to Roberto tomorrow. It wouldn't surprise me.

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