Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Test 1 in Stats

Well, I'm still pressed for time. I've done my homework that was due tonight. I still have to go through Monday's lecture in StatsTutor and in the book. However, I did go through my test that I took last week. I found out that I got a 78% instead of a little higher than a 72%. I know that I'm still below average, which was an 85%; but that's OK because last term I got below a 66%. I wasn't liking the 72%, but I got over it. Now, my score went up six points which means I got a C plus instead of a C.

I still don't like any C's; however, the test was tricky. I'm hoping that my homework and extra credit will help. I'm want to shoot for a B-. If I get a C in this class, that's alright too because I know in my heart that I tried my best. I'm really hoping that I'll do better on this next test than last test. I think it's a little weird that people call tests exams here. I don't like the word exam. It's the same thing when Rebecka and Sarah calls my hope chest a trunk. I don't like that word either.

Well, someone gave my I-Clicker back to me on Monday. For the first part of lecture, I slept throughout the whole thing. In the middle of it, someone gave it back to me by placing it near my bag and seat because I was sleeping. I was sitting on the end of the row. That's a relief because I didn't want to lose any points. Plus, I didn't want have to buy Rebecka another I-Clicker.

I still have to do laundry and make those Birthday Cards. Since I failed both of my classes last term, I'm on academic warning. I have to fill out some paperwork, talk to my advisor for my major about it, and then turn in the paperwork to the Academic Support Office by next Wednesday to get off this registration block. Why, does the due date have to be right after a test? At least it isn't during one. I'm just so busy and pressed for time. I shouldn't have written this much because I want go through a little of Monday's lecture. I just don't want to get behind because of this stupid test.

I didn't go swimming either today because I was so busy. I seriously didn't have time during the afternoon or evening. At least, I can work on my push-ups and sit-ups tonight. I'm glad that both are getting better. I really like working with Roberto on them after class amid with other exercises. It's really nice because I push myself harder if he's there encouraging and watching me. Last night was really good because my heart rate went up. Afterwards, I was tired and thought it was a really good workout. I just love receiving attention from Roberto.

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